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Re: <nettime> usa.gov -> nssg.gov

This Wired News article (found in a quick Google
search - this link is to Google's cached version)
explains what the NSSG (aka Hart-Rudman Commission)


It appears to be a sort of think tank cum PR project
that allegedly solicited input online from the public
on how to define national security. (What a bizarre
project - you have to wonder what more there is to the

Those headings (Institutional Reform, Securing the
National Homeland, Recapitalizing America's Science
and Education) might be bulletin board topics or
something like that, which would make them sound a
little less sinister, I guess.

It's still very strange that not only is the site
down, but Google's cached "snapshot" of it appears to
be blocked in some way. I've never seen that before.

 --- brian carroll <human@architexturez.com> wrote: > 
>   searching for the Declaration of Independence, i
> first
>   typed us.gov and no such domain. then,
> www.usa.gov, and
>   something (in my sense) unsual happened. there was
> a
>   domain: http://www.usa.gov which was automatically
>   redirected to the website: http://www.nssg.gov/
> which
>   is a site for the 'U.S. Commission on National
> Security
>   /21st Century'. oddly enough, the website is
> broken...


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