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  searching for the Declaration of Independence, i first
  typed and no such domain. then,, and
  something (in my sense) unsual happened. there was a
  domain: which was automatically
  redirected to the website: which
  is a site for the 'U.S. Commission on National Security
  /21st Century'. oddly enough, the website is broken when
  i try to view it on a mac-clone with the IE 5 browser.
  the entire site is broken beyond repair, with no e-mail
  messages from the message board coming up when clicked,
  no reports, etc. so i am not sure what this is about,
  except that it is associated with the NSF/National
  Science Foundation and the Hart-Rudman Commission,
  and its navigation includes: Insitutional Reform,
  Securing the National Homeland, and Recapitalizing
  America's Science and Education. in any case, found
  this interesting, that for the domain this
  should be where it is redirected, secret, in a sense,
  in that it forwards to this place which seems like
  a particular approach to policy, and that the issues
  of National Security, Sci-edu and Recapitalization
  via Institutional Reform are where things seemed to
  be headed for this project, if only it could be viewed.

1- thus: equals -->, or:

The National Security Study Group (NSSG-DOM)
    1931 Jefferson Davis Hwy,CM3, Suite632
    Arlington, VA 22202

    Domain Name: NSSG.GOV
    Status: Active

    Administrative Contact:
       Nemceff, Jonathan P.  (JPN1)
       (?03) p02-41?6 (FAX)(?03) p02-43p6

2- which is connected, by domain, to

Washington Headquarters Services (NCR-DOM)
    1166 Defense The Pentagon
    Washington, DC 20301

    Domain Name: NCR.GOV
    Status: Active

    Administrative Contact:
       Schilling, Eric D.  (EDS)
       (?03) p14-0626 (FAX)(?03) p14-6p1p

    Domain servers in listed order:

    NS1.WHS.MIL   140.186.9?.263
    NS2.WHS.MIL   140.186.9?.?

    Record last updated on 01-Dec-00.

3- anyone have any idea of what NCR.GOV domain is,
  or who it is owned by? it just shows up as the
  WHS.MIL domain, but is closely associated
  with .gov services and has the other .com domain.
  trying to understand the domain structure, but
  all i can find is that goes to

  IN ANY CASE; domains for thought...

  hello those in inner echelonia,

  human being #4,102,033,010

  matter, energy, and in-formation
  the electromagnetic internetwork

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