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<nettime> cybersex catechism

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cybersex catechism

"I fuck therefore I am" (Shu Lea Cheang - 2000)

1.0  Do you want to play with your self?
Shift your identity, be on top, attach an extra port.

2.0  Is the pussy the matrix?
We are jacking into the Big Daddy mainframe so we can jerk off.

3.0  Is one-hand typing the best form of safe sex?
I was unable to open up when I had a virus concealed in an attachment.

4.0  Why does the Net love pioneering porn?
Every other medium has its own intimate massage: telephone - chatlines;
motor car - backseat fumbling; hormone research - contraception; VCR - sex

5.0  Does virtual sex cause real jealousy?
The swapping of text is the low bandwidth version of exchanging bodily fluids.

6.0  "Feeling horny?" Why can't I say this as easily in a bar as on-line?
When hiding behind my anonymous IP address, I can lose all my inhibitions
about exploring my deepest desires.

7.0  Have you read the joy of text?
Cybersex is the theory without the practice.

8.0  Do we have a fetish for technology?
Sometimes I prefer my toys to my lover.

9.0  Is technology good for sex?
My body has been upgraded with an extra hard drive, more RAM, lots of
shareware and the hottest plug-ins.

10.0  Wouldn't you like to download an orgasm?
Let's make XXXML into an open source protocol.


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