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<nettime> Call for papers re: Mesh 14: Globalisation

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Call for papers re: Mesh 14: Globalisation

Experimenta Media Arts online journal Mesh is to become a  refereed
journal this year and as such the Editorial Committee of Mesh is seeking
papers of 2000 words duration to be refereed by members of the Editorial
Committee and external assessors.


Since its inception in 1993, Experimenta Media Arts signature journal
Mesh has been a leading exponent of artists, writers and theorists
working in Australian media arts culture.  Mesh has been a critically
acclaimed annual flagship of Experimenta's which has not only explored
critical, aesthetic and technological issues related to media arts
practice and screen culture but has also provided the opportunity for
artists, writers and cultural commentators and theorists to increase
their profile within Australia and Internationally.

Mesh has documented not only the recent history of Experimenta and its
events program, but has been a discursive forum for those working at the
forefront of media arts in Australia and abroad. Articles in past
editions have dealt with issues central to digital media culture, the
ubiquitous Cyberbully and Game Theory, artists involved with
Experimenta’s Altered States event, women working in art and technology,
reviews of exhibitions and festivals, experimental film practice and
much more. The previous edition of Mesh (Mesh 13: Cyberbully) was the
first edition be published online.

Editorial Committee

An editorial committee consisting of: Experimenta's Artistic Director
and Editor of Mesh, Keely Macarow; Dr Peter Hughes, Lecturer, Media
Studies Department, LaTrobe University; Lisa Gye, Lecturer, Media
Studies Department, Swinburne University of Technology and Felicity
Colman, Lecturer, New Media Department, Swinburne University of
Technology and the Fine Arts Dept, University of Melbourne; will
commission the editorial and refereed content of the publication.

Mesh 14

Mesh 14 will explore issues related to globalisation within the context
of media arts culture and thus include issues of major interest to local
and international readers/viewers. The 14th edition of Mesh will present
a diverse and wide range of critical analysis and overview of Australian
and International screen culture and media arts practice in articles,
reviews and features on issues, artists and projects which drive media
arts culture. This edition will appear online as it did in 1999 but it
is also planned by the organisation to upgrade the Mesh 14 site to be
more of an interactive journal, include images, audio, javascript,
animation's and include dynamic html where appropriate.

Mesh 14 follows on from where Mesh 13: Cyberbully left off. References to the impact of
globalisation and the transfer of skills and knowledge between artists
in a forever mutating global economy were probed in part in Mesh 13
alongside discussions regarding cyber aggression in the form of the
omnipotent cyberbully. For Mesh 14, the theme of Globalisation will
underpin the content of the online journal and the media arts practice
and culture that is probed by a diverse range of leading writers based
throughout Australia and Internationally.

Globalisation and the dominance of global culture over local spheres is
shaping up to be one of the major issues of 21st Century culture. The
transfer of capital and resources and implementation of global policies
by trade bodies and monetary funds such as the World Bank, the
International Monetary Fund and the International Trade Organisation has
led to a global culture whereby nation states are in many respects
governed by the economic policies of these chief lending and trading
organisations and the richest, most technically developed and resourced 
nations based in the Northern Hemisphere.

The question is how do media arts practitioners and cultural workers
figure in the new global economy? Are the transfer of media arts skills
penetrating arts practice on a global scale? Are media artists embracing
the tenets of globalisation in their practice, or are they using their
practice and networks to dissect, resist and re-work the dictates of
globalisation and a homogenised global media culture.

And how do media artists work in and around cultural institutions in
Australia and abroad in this global cultural context. A broad range of
features investigating innovative media arts projects in Australia and
internationally will be juxtaposed alongside critical discussions about
cultural, artistic and technological issues connected to media arts

This edition will see Mesh develop into a partially referred journal
which means that those working in the University system can submit
articles to Mesh to be refereed by specialists in the area covered by
the article. Refereed articles will not be paid, but will aid  academics
in their research context. This decision was prompted by recognition of
academics contribution to Mesh over the years and accommodating the
research needs of a major constituency of Mesh.

Style Guidelines

Please find attached style guidelines for the online edition of Mesh 14.
We are encouraging writers to write for an interactive journal but will
also work with writers to accommodate their work.

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June 9, 2000: 1 paragraph abstract to
outlining the content and title of the article to be refereed.  Please
give all of your contact details in this email.

August 14, 2000: Deadline for refereed articles

December 2000: Mesh 14 to go online at

Please contact Keely Macarow, Artistic Director, Experimenta Media Arts
& Editor, Mesh  at or on ph) 03 9525 5025 fax 03)
9525 5105 for further information if required.


EXPERIMENTA MEDIA ARTS exhibits and promotes media arts that explore new
aesthetic, conceptual and technological

for information about EXPERIMENTA
recent and forthcoming events:

Experimenta Staff:
Artistic Director: Keely Macarow
Executive Officer: Jacinta Nancarrow

ph: 61 3 9525 5025
fax: 61 3 9525 5105

Experimenta Media Arts gratefully acknowledges the support of the
Australian Film Commission, Cinemedia, Australia Council for
the Arts and Arts Victoria.

Lisa Gye
Lecturer in Media & Communication
Swinburne University of Technology
Ph: +613 92148345
Fax: +613 98190574

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