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<nettime> Libel Law in the Internet Age / Summer of Surveillance

From: "Eveline Lubbers" <evel@xs4all.nl>
Subject: Libel Law in the Internet Age

Wednesday, May 10, 2000

Libel Law in the Internet Age

Libel is one of the many legal issues that online publishers need to be
aware of. Today, Law.com published an interesting exploration of this
topic: Dot-Libel, by Cameron Stracher. It's taking a long time for libel
law to catch up with the Net, but Stracher says there is some movement in
that direction. Also, the global and public nature of this communications
channel means that unexpected legal precendents might apply  including
some from other countries.

(Source: Weblog for Content Exchange called E-Media Tidbits
http://www.content-exchange.com/weblog/weblog.htm topic is online
content/online journalism/online publishing, so nettime related).

Dot Libel article to be found at law.com under this completely impossible


From: "Eveline Lubbers" <evel@xs4all.nl>
Subject:  Summer of Surveillance


Brill's content

COVER STORY: Summer of Surveillance

Playing nightly this summer on your television screen -- and all live, all
the time, on the Internet -- Big Brother, Europe's pop-culture phenomenon,
is coming to America on CBS. The bold new face of Reality TV portrays the
invasion of privacy as a form of entertainment.

                   By Mark Boal

                   Issue Date: June 2000

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