Peter Lunenfeld on Thu, 18 May 2000 13:18:46 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> unbiased enyclopedia?

I should have made it clear that I was forwarding the information about the
Nupedia project and have no  involvement with the projec at all. I am
starting to track the movement of open source concepts into the humanities
and this seemed an interesting model, though Andreas and Jose have already
raised three major questions about it.

Peter Lunenfeld


Andreas Broeckmann wrote:

 >>The project has
>>significant financial support, and its leaders and owners are committed
>>to a years-long, intensive effort.
>two questions:
>whose support?
>and how is ownership defined here?
>sounds good!


os favelados / jose perez de lama wrote:

>Hi, this is a recent-comer to nettime
>I read  with interest the message sent by Peter Lunenfeld about the
>Nupedia-encyclopedia project.
>However, i was wondering if everybody believes in the possibility of
>"unbiased" contributions?
>Somehow i feel that the idea for an encyclopedia might be an
>Enlightenment concept, and the web should allow for a more plural, less
>hierarchical approach, without so many editors, staff, supervisors,
>phd's and so on,
>a new kind of rizhomatic knowledge-archive.

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