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<nettime> P L A N E T W O R K Global Ecology & Information Technology

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Global Ecology & Information Technology

A Conference at The Presidio in San Francisco
May 12-14, 2000

PLANETWORK will explore how digital technologies can contribute to
creating a sustainable future. Topics include: Computer Modeling & Global
Climate Change, Grass Roots Environmental Activism & the Web, Cybernetics
and Ecological Systems, The Internet & the Global Brain, Media Art & the

FEATURING: Kevin Kelly, Adam Werbach, Bill Pease, Frances Moore Lappé,
Richard Falk, Gloria Brown Simmons, Jan Hauser, John Delaney, Julia
Butterfly Hill, Brian Swimme, Bruce Sterling, Pierre Lévy, Mark Pesce,
John Radke, Char Davies, Jon Zilber, Ralph Abraham, David Rothenberg,
Duane Elgin, Tyler Volk, John Helly, Elisabet Sahtouris, Shawn Brixey,
Josh Knaur, Hardin Tibbs, Twyla Wilson, Ebon Fisher, Erik Davis, Larry
Peterson, Carol Gigiotti, Peter Warshall, Payson Stevens, Steve Talbott,
Pliny Fisk, Eduardo Kac, Jennifer Cobb, Edward Shanken. 

Organizers: Jim Fournier & Elizabeth Thompson, with Erik Davis
A Project of Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs, A California 501c3


\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Iowa City, Iowa \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

D I G I T A L   W O R L D S


Saturday, May 6, 7:30pm

Arts Iowa City
129 E. Washington St., Iowa City
(Near the Java House)
Info: (319) 351-8749

Digital Worlds celebrates the completion of its second year with a
screening of 40 student "worlds." Digital Worlds is a new program at the
University of Iowa's School of Art & Art History. Begun in 1998 by New
York media "breeder", Ebon Fisher, the program emphasizes the imaginative,
poetic, and combustive possibilities of virtual reality and digital
imaging. A variety of experimental creations will be screened -from
interactive, 3D animations to web worlds. This program is free and open to
the public. 

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ New York \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

GALAPAGOS presents an environment for the annual RSUB gathering (a la
Razorfish), featuring lighting by Robert Elmes, projections by Ebon
Fisher, and an installation by Disinformation.com.  >>>>>Monday Evening,
May 1, 2000, SOHO Studios, New York. See www.RSUB.COM

D I G I T A L   W O R L D S
School of Art & Art History
University of Iowa, E100 A.B.
Iowa City, IA  52242
EMAIL alula@interport.net
HOME OFFICE (319) 351-8749
DIGITAL WORLDS (319) 335-1224
WEBSITE http://www.interport.net/~alula.html
WIGGLISM http://www.artnetweb.com/port/wigglism
BROOKLYN ORGANISM http://www.artnetweb.com/organism
BIONIC CODEX http://www.sandboxarts.org/si/codes/index.html

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