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<nettime> Oreste at "democracy!". RCA, London, 11th-12th May 2000

Oreste at "democracy!"
Royal College of Arts, London
11th-12th May 2000

A Meeting between independent groups, non-profit-making organisations and
artist-run initiatives, to be held at the Royal College of Arts, on 11th
and 12th May 2000. The meeting will take the form of a series of
discussions the groups, most of whom are based in London, but also with
representatives from throughout Europe. 

The meeting, that will be open to the general public, and is intended as
an opportunity to for individual group's to gain access to the activities
of other groups, with the aim of promoting discourse and initiating future
collaborative projects. 

The meeting will take place in lecture theatre 1 at the Royal College of
Arts. It will be held over two days, and divided into three sessions, as

2pm - 6pm Thursday 11th May
9am- 12am Friday 12th May
2pm - 6pm Friday 12th May

During the initial session, each of the participating groups will have the
opportunity to give a short presentation about their activities. This is
intended as an opportunity for both Oreste and each of the groups to
become familiarised with each of the other groups practises. 

The following sessions are intended as opportunities for Oreste and each
the other groups to be able to discuss their future aims and projects in
an open arena. Oreste hope that through the open discussions, a platform
for future communication between the groups will be initiated, with the
possibility of working collaboratively on future projects. 

Within the sessions Oreste plan to include:

- Presentations about Oreste activities (This may take the form of a
couple of short interventions in the second and third two sessions. The will
focus on Oreste's past, current and future projects. Here Oreste would also
like to discuss points where other groups can become involved in Oreste's
- Discussion on the issues of networking among independent groups,
non-profit-making organisations, and artist-run initiatives as an
alternative to the star system in the art field.
- Discussion around the possibility of creating a way to exchange
information and projects, sharing resources and multiplying opportunities.
- Discussion around the possibility of creating a permanent forum for
periodical meetings among independent groups, non-profit-making
organisations, and artist-run initiatives.
- Discussion of the proposals by the participating groups.

Groups and individuals invited:

- Annual Program (Manchester)
- Arthur R. Rose (London)
- Attitudes (Geneva, Switzerland)
- Bank (London)
- Common Culture (Stoke-on Trent. To be confirmed)
- dot (London)
- Volker Eichelmann
- Foreign Investement (London, Switzerland and other sites)
- Heart and Soul (London)
- Matthew Higgs
- Inventory (London)
- Ana Laura Lopez
- Konstakuten / FESARS (Stockholm, Sweden)
- One in the Other (London)
- Sali Gia (London)
- Sunday School (London)
- Szuper gallery (England, Germay, Ukraine)
- The Trade Apartment (London)
- Care of
- Caroline Bachmann
- Pino Boresta
- Emilio Fantin
- Meri Gorni
- Giancarlo Norese
- Cesare Pietroiusti
- UnDo.Net

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