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<nettime> Dept of Defense Academy Awards (Combat Camera Oscars)

The DoD Visual Information (VI) Production Awards Program is an
initiative of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs
(ASD(PA)).  Its purpose is to recognize outstanding VI productions
created within or for the Department of Defense, thereby enhancing the
value and professionalism of the DoD VI production program.

Thirty-six productions were entered by the Military Services in the
competition for productions completed during the latter half of 1998 or
in 1999.  Judging of those entries was conducted in Washington, DC,
March 20-22, 2000.  First, second, and third place winners were selected
in each of the four competition categories, and one production was
selected for a Special Mention Award.  A Production of the Year was
selected from among the first place winners in each of the four
competition categories.

How each of the winning productions placed within their respective
categories, as well as the Production of the Year, will be announced
April 17, 2000 at an awards presentation ceremony during the Worldwide
DoD VI and Combat Camera Conference and Workshop in Washington, DC.  Two
awards will be presented for each winning entry, one to the producing
activity and one to the requesting office of primary responsibility

The 1998-1999 DoD VI production award winners are (in alphabetical


AIR FORCE   "Understanding the Captivity Environment"

Producing Activity:  367th Training Support Squadron, Media Production
Flight, Hill AFB, UT
OPR:  Joint Personnel Recovery Agency, Fairchild AFB, WA

(In alphabetical order)

NAVY   "Navy Cryptology:  The Next Generation"

Producing Activity:  Naval Media Center, Washington, DC
OPR:  Navy Personnel Command, Washington, DC

NAVY   "Navy Nuclear Power Training Command"

Producing Activity:  Naval Media Center, Washington, DC
OPR:  Navy Recruiting Command Headquarters, Millington, TN

AIR FORCE   "OTS Instructor Duty"

Producing Activity:  Air University Television, Maxwell AFB, AL
OPR:  24 TS/DOB, Maxwell AFB, AL

(In alphabetical order)

NAVY   "Basic Underwater Demolition/Seal:  Class 224"

Producing Activity:  NETPDTC, San Diego, Regional Electronic Media
Center, San Diego, CA
OPR:  Naval Special Warfare Center, San Diego, CA

NAVY   "Korean War Veteran's Testimonial"

Producing Activity: Naval Media Center, Washington, DC
OPR:  Naval Media Center, Washington, DC

AIR FORCE   "The Mission:  A History of the Air National Guard"

Producing Activity:  Multimedia Branch, Air National Guard Training and
Education Center, McGhee-Tyson ANGB, TN
OPR:  Air National Guard Readiness Center, Arlington, VA

(In alphabetical order)

MARINE CORPS   "Fundamentals of Rifle Marksmanship"

Producing Activity:  Joint Visual Information Activity, Washington, DC
OPR:  MPMS Weapons Batallion, Quantico, VA

MARINE CORPS   "No Memorials:  Safe Driving For Marines"

Producing Activity:  Joint Visual Information Activity, Washington, DC

OPR:  Commandant of the Marine Corp Safety Division, Washington, DC

NAVY   "Professional Relationships and Fraternization"

Producing Activity:  Naval Media Center, Washington, DC
OPR:  Chief of Naval Education and Training, Pensacola, FL

(In alphabetical order)

NAVY   "5 A Day"

Producing Activity:  Naval Media Center, Washington, DC
OPR:  Navy Environmental Health Center, Norfolk, VA

ARMY   "U.S. Army Band Command Briefing"

Producing Activity:  U.S. Army Visual Information Center, Washington, DC

OPR:   U.S. Army Band, Washington, DC

AIR FORCE   "Wings Over Kosovo"

Producing Activity:  1st Combat Camera Squadron, Charleston, SC
OPR:  HQ Air Force Multimedia, Washington, DC

The DoD VI Production Awards are conferred every 18 months.  The next
scheduled competition will be in the Fall of 2001 for productions
completed between January 1 and June 30, 2000.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all who participated.


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