ventsislav zankov on Sun, 26 Mar 2000 18:28:41 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> attention please

in case you already know the content of the folowing message, you
already did something ..i guess!  vzankov The french national assembly
has voted a law to ban anonymous web hosting.

Any user should declare it's identity to the hosting service, with a six
month jail penalty if they provide false information. 

The hosting service shall give the id's to the court, otherwise it's
owners faces a six month jail penalty. 

This vote was the last one before the definitive one that will make the
law applicable in less than a month. It comes after a vote from the
senate (the upper chamber) saying the hosting server had to give the
id's to any interested party asking for it. 

I know it seems too 1984 to be true from other places in the world,
thought some contries do understand us very very well (australia,
singapour, china, ...). 


Voted text from the french national assembly on march 22
<> (pdf, in french).
The articles of the law about internet are numbered 43-6, the 'special
taste' one, introduced by the ministry of Culture, is numbered 43-6-4 

Reactions on slashdot


Any idea is welcome, the more this story gets known the quicker we'll be
out of this mess.

Drop a word to the french Prime Ministre.
<> it will help.

French associations; 
    iris <> 
    cpml <> 
    isoc <> 

valentin lacambre <>, admin of, 24 march. 

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