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<nettime> Freedom of the Media Conference

	Freedom of the Media in Central and Eastern Europe

     - International Conference in Budapest, 7-8 April, 2000 -

	First Event of a Conference Series on Media and Politics 

(Freedom of the Media in Central and Eastern Europe, European Public
Sphere, News Media and Politics - Independent Journalism)

Venue: European Youth Centre Budapest, Council of Europe, Budapest,
Zivatar utca 1-3., 1024 Hungary

First Day, 
7 April, 2000

8.00 ­ 9.00 Registration
9.00 ­ 9.20 Welcome Speech by Zsuzsanna Szelényi (Deputy Executive
Director, European Youth Centre Budapest, Council of Europe)

Transformation of the Media after Communism, Freedom of Expression, Political Control

9.20 ­ 10.30 First Session - Chair: Istvan Hegedus (Member of the Advisory
Ownership Board, Hungarian News Agency)  - Barbara Trionfi (Press Freedom
Advisor, International Press Institute, Vienna): Freedom of the Media in
Central and Eastern Europe - Jeremy Druker (Director and Editor-in-Chief,
Transitions Online, Prague): Should ŒWestern-styleš journalism be the goal
for Central and Eastern Europe? - Zoltán Kovács (Editor-in-Chief, Élet és
Irodalom, Budapest): Press, Ownership, Politics in Hungary*

10.30 ­ 10.50 Break

10.50 ­ 12.30 Second Session ­ Chair: Wolfgang Meissner (Director, Goethe
Institute Hungary)  - Martin Simecka (Editor-in-Chief, Sme, Bratislava):
Freedom of Expression in Slovakia* Discussion

12.30 ­ 14.00 Break

14.00 ­ 15.10 Third Session - Chair: Péter Bajomi-Lázár (Media Policy
Fellow, Open Society Institute, Budapest)  - Tomas Vrba (Editor-in-Chief,
The New Presence, Prague): Freedom and Responsibility ­ Czech Media Ten
Years After - Mircea Toma (Vice-President, Academia Catavencu ­ Media
Monitoring Agency, Bucharest): Politics and Media in Romania* - Alexei
Pankin (Editor, Sreda, Moscow): Economic Constraints on Freedom of the
Press in Russia

15.10 ­ 15.30 Break

15.30 ­ 17.45 Fourth Session ­ Chair: Zsuzsanna Szelényi (Deputy Executive
Director, European Youth Centre Budapest, Council of Europe) - Faros
Lubonja (Editor in Chief, Perpjekja, Tirana): The Transformation of the
Media in Albania - Emmy Barouh (Member of the Board of Directors,
Bulgarian Branch of Transparency International): Play (Game) with the
Freedom and the Freedom of the Play (Game)  Discussion

17.45 ­ 18.00 Concluding Remarks

Second Day, 8 April, 2000

The Civil Society and the Media

 9.00 ­ 10.10 First session ­ Chair: István Wisinger (Chairman,
Association of Hungarian Journalists)  - Mario Oetheimer (Program
Counsellor, Media Division, Council of Europe, Strasbourg): Council of
Europe assistance programmes in the media field - Carolyn Sawyer
(President/CEO, Tom Sawyer Company, Columbia, South Carolina): Media and
Government - Viktor Ivancic (Executive Director, Feral Tribune, Split):
Change in Croatian Politics ­ How Should the Media React?*

10.10 ­ 10.30 Break

10.30 ­ 12.30 Second Session ­ Chair: Paul Dick (Director, British Council
Budapest)  - Duska Andric-Ruzicic (President, NGO "Medica", Zenica,
Bosnia-Herzegovina): Media and Civil Society - Irene Tsintsadze (Director,
Center "Alternative", Tbilisi): Mass Media in Georgia at the End of the
Century Discussion

12.30 ­ 13.40 Third Session ­ Chair: Calin Fabian (First Secretary,
Embassy of the Romanian Republic to Hungary)  - Joan Smith (Columnist,
Independent on Sunday, London): Invasion of Privacy: The Price of a Free
Press?  Discussion

13.40 ­ 14.00 Concluding Remarks

* Temporary titles

The Organisers of the Conference: Istvan Hegedus (independent project
consultant), Association of Hungarian Journalists (MUOSZ), Openness Club
(Hungary).  Conference Co-ordinators: Réka Sárközy, Edit Kovács, Andrea
Polyák, Anna Simon.  The conference has been sponsored by the Open Society
Institute, Freedom House, the German Marshall Fund of the United States,
the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, the British Council and the Austrian
Science and Research Liaison Office, Budapest. 

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