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<nettime> Fwd: [afrofuturism] Former KKK Leader Gets Into Rap

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Subject: [afrofuturism] Former KKK Leader Gets Into Rap

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This is totally surreal...


  >Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2000 20:34:02 -0500
  >From: Jahzid Allah <>
  >Subject: [BRC-NEWS] HUMOR: Former KKK Leader Gets Into Rap
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  >BATON ROUGE, LA -- David Duke, former Imperial Wizard of the
  >Ku Klux Klan of America, recently announced a business
  >agreement with jailed music executive Marion "Suge" Knight.
  >Knight, CEO of Death Row Records, has reportedly been in
  >contact with Duke for several weeks. Knight, who is Black,
  >was heralded as "a positive role model for Americans of all
  >races," by Duke during a news conference with Death Row
  >representatives. The former Louisiana state representative
  >declared that he is expanding his business enterprises into
  >Although his other businesses have failed miserably, Duke
  >claims that he has a firm grasp of the complexities of the
  >popular music scene.
  >"I can get jiggy with it," Duke announced to chuckling
  >journalists. "I know the dilli, yo." Death Row records, once
  >a musical powerhouse, had, between 1995 and 1998, lost its
  >leading gangsta rap acts Dr. Dre, Tupac and Snoop Doggy
  >Dogg. Many observers have considered the company moribund
  >for months.
  >Hoping to capitalize on the southern base of Duke's company,
  >Death Row anticipates a solid challenge to New Orleans-based
  >No Limit and Cash Money record companies. Death Row
  >spokesman Jerome Watkins explains that the parternship with
  >Duke's Tiger Productions is devoid of politics. "We
  >understand that Death Row and Tiger Productions have a
  >mutual interest and can expand our markets by working
  >The controversial venture has disturbed many in the music
  >industry. "This is a clear example of a player [who is]
  >getting played," said one music executive who wishes to
  >remain anonymous. "How can Suge Knight rationalize working
  >with someone who hates Black people? Knight can only lose
  >from this venture." He continues to state that Suge Knight
  >"has long demonstrated that he is amoral, untrustworthy and
  >even treacherous. This must be a match made in Heaven."
  >Gangsta rap critic C. Delores Tucker, head of the National
  >Political Congress of Black Women, who has butted heads with
  >Knight in the past, argues that the alliance should not be
  >surprising. "Death Row has long shown complete disregard for
  >Black people. The lyrics of their artists are replete with
  >racial epithets aimed at Black men and Black women. I know
  >why Mr. Duke admires Mr. Knight."
  >The first act slated for a release on the joint venture is
  >rapper Colt Fo-Five, whose single, "Kill a hoe" is slated
  >for a late-September release. His eponymously titled CD is
  >scheduled for a release on Oct. 19. "Colt Fo-Five is a very
  >talented young man. We hope you support his effort," Duke
  >When asked about his racist past and his relationship with
  >Death Row, Duke declared that there are many "player haters"
  >who don't appreciate the importance of financial
  >opportunity.  "It's not always Black or White. Sometimes its
  >green," he mussed. "I am still white and proud. But I also
  >need to feed my children." Suge Knight, who is serving an
  >eight-year sentence in a California prison for parole
  >violation, stated through his spokesman, that "I love Black
  >people. I am proud to be Black. This venture demonstrates
  >that we can all just get along like Rodney King wanted for
  >us all."
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