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<nettime> INPEG Prague 2000 - Call For Help

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Subject: INPEG Prague 2000 - Call For Help
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Please spread this call worldwide
Initiative Against Economic Globalization - Prague 2000
Join the campaign against IMF/WB summit in Prague, September 25. 28., 2000.
We need your support for the continuing struggle for global justice!!!
     Some 20,000 representatives of global capital (world bankers, economists
and financiers) are expected to come to Prague in September to attend the 55th
annual summit of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group.
prestigious meeting of the world economic elite, the first of its kind in the
Central and Eastern Europe, will definitely be of a great importance. The
delegates will meet to propose a scheme of further liberalization of the world
economy by defining new loan priorities and structural adjustment conditions.

      The events in Seattle at the WTO meeting last November showed that a
wave of global resistance is rising against the expanding power of global
capital. The IMF/WB summit in Prague will be our next big opportunity to
express our demands for global justice.
The Initiative Against Economic Globalization (INPEG) is a loose coalition of
various Czech environmental, human rights and autonomist/anarchist groups,
organizations and individuals who are ready to stand up critically against the
summit of the world financial oligarchy. INPEG has been meeting regularly in
Prague since last summer. It has planned a series of campaigns that will
culminate in ten days of activities starting on September 20. Non-violent
demonstrations, info campaigns, and the Festival of Art and Resistance
includinga counter-summit will be the main resistance activities in the
mentioned period.
    We will be exposing the links between the IMF/WB, the WTO and
corporations and the ways how they work to maximize private profits and limit
the power of people to protect the environment, determine their economic
destiny, and safeguard their human rights. They are also directly responsible
for the third world debt. Even their debt relief  policy continues under the
harsh conditions of the IMF Structural Adjustment Programmes, and thus makes
just one step forward and two steps backward. Our goal is to give the proper
name to what the policies of the IMF/WB really cause in the South as well
as in
the Central and Eastern Europe. We will be demanding an immediate
suspension of
these practices leading to environmental destruction, growing social
and poverty and curtailing of people s rights. We will be demonstrating our
solidarity with the global resistance movement.
Your support is needed, indeed!!!
     The support, both moral and material, for the September actions in
should come from all around the world. Of course, financial contribution is
crucial, especially in the CE Europe, where financial sources as well as the
movement itself are not so developed as was for example the case with Seattle.
That is why we are issuing this urgent appeal. Let us know if you can help us
in our common struggle.
       Please tell us whether you are planning to or campaigning already
against the Prague IMF/WB summit.
       Can you bring any people to Prague? How many?
       Can you organize workshops or bring own materials to spread in Prague?
       Can you bring mobile sound systems and other stuff useful for street
       Can you contact street artists, music bands, etc. to come to Prague to
the art/activism festival?
       Can you contact renowned personalities either to take part in the
counter-summit or to publicly express support?
       Are you planning to organize any other activities related to our
       Are you planning to run a parallel campaign in your country?
       Can you propagate the anti-IMF/WB activities in Prague in both
alternative and mainstream  media?

    Financial contribution is the crucial thing!!! Please donate as much as
can for success in September.
   Can you pay for specific services (e.g. communications equipment, printing,
   Can you a contribute a direct donation?
   Can you organize benefit concerts, techno parties, collections or
fundraising for the Prague campaign?
    We can offer accommodation for almost no money in Prague.
    If you want more information on the counter-summit or other actions in
Prague, accommodation facilities or on INPEG and the Czech resistance
visit our webpages on
<> or
contact us on our email:                
Please contribute financial donations on this account:
Cs.Armady 35
160 00,  Prague 6
Czech Republic, Europe
account number: 163 775 396/5100
swift code: INBACZPP

Global solidarity against global capital !!! 
Initiative Against Economic Globalization Prague 2000

Zeme predevsim!  -  (Earth First! Prague)
PO  BOX    237
160 41   Praha 6
E-mail: <>
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"The role of the revolutionary artist is to make revolution irresistible."
Toni Cade Bambara


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