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Re: <nettime> austrian tram-rider digest [hagenbach, recktenwald]

Tererece writes;

They are the old colonial boys and are insensitve to human life. Like our own
Canadian Lieutenant Governor Garde Gardom quoted the British Euoropean explorer
Captain Gerorge Vancouver. Gardom made the now-controversial remarks at the
swearing-in ceremony on thursday for the new cabinet in British Columbia;

                       "The serenity of the climate, the innumerable
                       pleasing landscapes, and the abundant fertility
                       that unassisted nature puts forth, requires only
                       to be enriched by man to render it the most
                       lovely country that can be imagined.".

Millions of first nation peole are left entirly out of the equation.
Like the they were never here but are more a part of the land then the
europeans who stole the land from them. It was the earliest european
"conquers" who gave the natives thousands of blankets infected with
small pox that wiped most of them out in B.C.  The First Nation' s
governmentally organised systematic destruction is well documented.

It is like there is a world class of arian assholes and killers that
need to pass on so we can relax without their bio distinctions and poor
reguard for human life.  Very primative to call anyone 'oustelander'.
We're all here on one planet. Get used to it.


nettime's_ticket_collector wrote:

> andreas hagenbach <aah@thing.ch>
>      Re: "I will determine who is pure, respectable and upstanding" - Haider
> Heiko Recktenwald <uzs106@ibm.rhrz.uni-bonn.de>
>      "Wiener Brut"
 <...rest ofdigest deleted at nettime...>

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