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<nettime> Universal Page: bookchin_shulgin

The Universal Page
Natalie Bookchin + Alexei Shulgin

>From the start of the new millennium onward, all public content on the
World Wide Web has come together for the first time in history to form
the single largest collaboration ever known to humankind. This
collaboration, known as The Universal Page, is the objective average of
all content on the Web merged together as a one. Internet citizens are
invited to join together to witness the consummation of global

A special script crawls and searches the entire Web, analyzing and
processing current data and generating an average according to precise
algorithms. In order to keep up with the pace of the always changing
Web, the Universal Page is continuously updated in real time.

A proclamation and manifestation of the utopian dream of world unity and
the realization of democratic global communication, the Universal Page
articulates the historic and momentous effects of constant flows of
creation, communication, exchange, collectivity, connectivity and
interactivity where no one with a computer and a modem is excluded, no
one with a web server is unheard, and no one with a software client is
ignored.  This ultimate commemorative living magnum opus utilizes the
work, play and input of ever single participant, human and robotic, of
the World Wide Web, and mandates a universal commitment to a unified
peaceful new millennium, where subjects of the world will live together
in shared harmony.

The Universal Page is a pulsating, living monument commemorating no
single individual or ideology but instead, celebrating the global
collective known as the World Wide Web. The Universal Page offers the
world a once in a lifetime opportunity to join together in honoring and
observing our networked past, present and future as it boldly initiates
our entry into the new millennium.

The Universal Page is open for public viewing on the occasion of the
Walker Art Center exhibition "Art Entertainment Network/Let's
Entertain".  Funded by the Jerome Foundation and the Walker Art Center,
the project was first envisioned and is now being orchestrated by
Natalie Bookchin and Alexei Shulgin. Both are artists, theorists of the
Internet and professors of contemporary art and new media. Bookchin is
an American based in Los Angeles, in the United States of America and
Shulgin is a Moscow based Russian Artist.  Programming: Alexander
Nikolaev, Fund of Perspective Research, Moscow.

Steve Dietz
Director, New Media Initiatives
Walker Art Center
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