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:::::::LOGGIN ON2 NET.WURK::::::::::::::::::::

[the meld ov wurd & m-mage, teXt & diz[zy].course, the hypahjumping B-tween

[[[mus[lin]e.ums......architect-tockonic archit.ravez, a place of new deceit N
old mus[t]k [seez N [wanna]bees]...

i vizi.ON a place...white wallz re:placed by fluiditee, a notion of the
compac wr.ought in pulse n nuance....

[my eyez hurt, my head real[itee]z az i con[ned]tem.plate [gold & ionz,
science B-cumz and B-gatz theze arch.hives [N bites and rashed out
fleshtronics, architravic]...

a bird, singin in the daze heat, cann.knot B cap.toured bi brick walls,
ob[pro]jeckt.ee.fied N made static, sew Y shood The Net.Wurk[ed]?]]]

[the ideer of space as free fall, free float, a nuanced absolute that flitz
and fallz pre.cise.lee in2 [z]p.l.ace when kneeded, and [sir thomas] moore
m-portantlee, want.ed....]

[[[mez draws herself in2 a wurdskin for the disc[ourse]ussion…
/me[z] revelz in her skin and textual touch…
/me[z] reaches a staticwurd outwards, spiraling…
/me[z] watches her wurd releazed, bounch forth from mouth to lover'z mouth…
/me[z] watches the lectrolight play, sur.face [N body] tensions, cave.ities
/me[z] spivaks, rolls, twists and genderloopz..n loopz..and loveloopz...
/me[z] feelz her wurdskin shimmah, gossmer textthreads spinning, spivaking
in2 dust...
/me[z] teztflippes and frizzonflies…
/me[z] kneelz b4 the Fleshtronic and hands them a textbannah, re.plete with
golden wurds of mezangellednezz and new blank wurd spacez....
/me[z] getzz n m-mage of her.s[h]elf fragmented, nodic in thread based
seg.ments, hair N eyes and nose mixed in2 a cybercubist ren.durr.ing...
/me[z] wants the Fleshtronic 2 play azz well as listen, takes her by her
textsenze and tickelles her wurdfiltahz...
/me[z] hugs her Fleshtronic and produces stringz of silver polysemics,
running them thru her wordfingers and passing them ah!long...
/me[z] handz the Fleshtronic a neuromancer gunn and shotz them full of
gibsonite bitz
/me[z] givez your Fleshtronic a vezzel, firez it up within her multiVerse
then whistlezz 2 it to go 2 your packettepatch...
/me[z] grabs your Flestronic'z klappz and holds em tight, treasurin...
/me[z] brethez in her Fleshtronic's klappz 2, melding and shaping and
/me[z] starts wrapping it up, grabbin the wirds, the snippettes azz they
tri 2 esc-ape into the tronictextualnezz....
/me[z] remindz all Fleshtronics ov their wurdsmithian n-tention and blows
/me[z] floats in2 a smooth shinee ball of wurdz, spinning slowlee then
frant.tick-tocklee, then bam! Gone.]]] 



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