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<nettime> (en) Global Grassroots Resistance Directory

>Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2000 16:53:44 -0500
>From: Thomas Johansson <>
>Subject: (en) Global Grassroots Resistance Directory

>Global Grassroots Resistance Directory
>There is now a Global Grassroots Resistance Directory
>available at:
>This worldwide directory facilitates decentralized and
>non-hierarchic networking between and within
>grassroots movements resisting capitalism and
>oppressive power structures, e.g. in connection with
>the Global Days of Action against Capitalism, and
>similar campaigns.
>The directory contains contact information of all
>known groups, associations, and organizations that:
>- struggle against exploitation or oppression of
>people, communities or the environment, and for
>solidarity, co-operation, grassroots democracy,
>decentralized forms of social organization, and
>ecological sustainability
>- seek to resist capitalism and oppressive power
>- maintain and value grassroots based forms of
>organization on principles of democratic decision
>making, decentralized forms of organization, broad and
>public access to information, broad and critical
>internal debate, while opposing authoritarianism,
>elitism, and hierarchical tendencies
>The directory also includes information of web sites
>and mailing lists that may be of use for networking
>with the sorts of groups mentioned above. Thus, web
>sites can be used as starting points for searching out
>contacts, and mailing lists for outreach in general.
>Some countries cannot be included in the global
>directory, because of the large amount of information
>that is available for them. Thus, we have separate
>directories for these countries. They are:
>Czech Republic
>Global Grassroots Resistance Directory
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"The role of the revolutionary artist is to make revolution irresistible."
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