Idris Suliman on Sun, 24 Nov 2002 04:46:01 +0100 (CET)

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From:General Idris  Suliman                                                   
                                      Date:November  23rd 2002

Dear Sir/Ma

I humbly approach with a view that we may be able to enter into a mutual 
business transaction that could be of immense benefit to us both. Foremost I 
should begin by introducing myself. I was a serving General "now retired", 
and a former Minister, with the past millitary administration of my country 
and by virtue of my past appointment i was privilege to have secured for my 
self a huge some of money which I intend to place in a one or several 
profitable business opportunities where it has the potential to grow. Back 
here in my country,

I have  interest in Real Estate/Property Development. However, on the birth 
of democracy a probe panel was set up to check on the financial excesses and 
mismanagement of government funds by past serving officials of the then 
military administration of the late General Sanni Abacha.

This development exposed a lot of financial misappropiation within various 
government parastatals in so much that the present civillian government had 
to pass a bill whereby those found wanting in one aspect or the other were 
compulsorily restricted from travelling out of the country pending the 
outcome of the investigation on them and worse still those perceived to be 
living above their income had their personal properties confiscated. Their 
account also were frozen,Local and Foreign alike.

Though I lost so much to government, I was still able to retain a 
consierable sum of money in Foreign Bills,logded in a Security/ Trust Firm 
abroad.This I intend to invest. and since i desire, in the near future,to 
settle permanently with my family outside my country i will also require you 
to purchase a comfortable home for me in a choice neighborhood in your 

Perharp to my trip to join you, we shall discuss on possible investment 
opportunities available and how to conclude an agreement on how I may have 
the funds with the Security/ Trust Company released for you for 
implementation for our intended investment projects.However,in consideration 
of my present inability to immediately travel off the shore of my country.I 
will demand to legally enter into agreement with you indicating and securing 
our individual entitlements from the principal sums and proceed from our 
investment project.

We shall discuss conclusively on this aspect,perharps also you can intimate 
me on possible investment opportunity avaliable in which we may proceed to 
establish soon as all other formalities are taken care of.this though you 
will solely execute pending my arrival in your country. If it interest you 
to originate this trade relationship,i will expect you to reach me through 
my private email address so that we may dicuss 

Yours Faithfully,

Gen-Idris Suliman(RTD).

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