Discount Calls UK on Sun, 24 Nov 2002 04:31:02 +0100 (CET)

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With our UK National & local Calls costing as little as 1.65p per minute!
we can save your company a fortune!

That's less than half the "BT choices 1"  rate, and about a quarter of the
price of the BT standard rate!
Our international & mobile rates offer massive discounts as well. Just
think- you can do twice as much cold calling for the same price.

For more information reply to
Or call Mike now on 01706 522749

With our simple registration process, you can begin saving money straight
away- no set up charge & no long contract periods.

You keep your BT account & continue to pay your rental -we simply divert
your calls to our reliable,  low cost system at the BT exchange.
Try it for a month, if you are not completely satisfied, then you have no
obligation to continue.
We are an established & official organisation dedicated to providing a
consistent & reliable service at a fraction of the price charged by BT.
Don't get left behind! Join the thousands of satisfied businesses both
large & small that have dramatically reduced telephone bills!!---Can you
think of a reason not to do it?

Hand this important document to your financial director

To be removed from the mail list reply to
We never intend to spam, or irritate with unsolicited emails, we always
try to target companies that would benefit from our cost saving offers.
This oportunity to save you money will be offered once only - you will not
be emailed by us again.
If you are an individual & not a company, then please accept our
appoligies for us sending this email to you.

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