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[Nettime-bold] Recruiters know where the jobs are

Special Offer from Job Seeker News November 6, 2002
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Recruiters know where the jobs are!

Unlock the Hidden Job Market that only recruiters know about with ResumeZapper!

By using ResumeZapper's advanced resume distribution system you can email your resume and cover letter right into the email boxes of 100's even 1000's of recruiters who RECRUIT IN YOUR INDUSTRY!

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How to apply to jobs only HeadHunters know about! As you already know, companies use executive recruiters or what is commonly known as headhunters to recruit people for confidential job openings. Companies typically can't or won't advertise these positions on the internet or in newspapers for a variety of reasons. Most people think that the only reasons a company uses a headhunter is to replace poor performers, this however is not always the case. More often than not, companies use headhunters to recruit for newly created positions that the company doesnt have the talent for already in their ranks, or the company is perhaps starting a new division and does not want to broadcast out it's plans to competitors.

By Emailing your resume to headhunters with ResumeZapper you can:

  1. Get More Interviews
  2. Target Recruiters in your industry and specialty
  3. Target only the areas of the country where you want to work
  4. Get your resume in front of 1000's of recruiters!
  5. UNLOCK those Jobs in the "HIDDEN JOB MARKET"
Currently, over 10,000 recruiters have subscribed the ResumeZapper.com service requesting resumes from job seekers just like you. These recruiters represent companies who are HIRING NOW! You may already be aware that the more recruiters that see your resume, the more opportunities you will know about, and the more likely you will FIND A NEW JOB FAST!

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