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[Nettime-bold] Precariousness-instability:Active Concepts in the paradigmaticrenewals / Multifield symposium December 11, 12, 13th 2002, Paris

Meetings by the review http://www.criticalsecret.com

1. Precariousness-instability:
active Concepts in the paradigmatic renewals

December 11, 12, 13th 2002

5/7 rue de Fourcy, Paris France
tél : 01 44 78 75 00 fax : 01 44 78 75 15
Metro Saint Paul
Current events/ Conferences:

   A proposal of seminar-performance, interdisciplinary, emanating from the
critical review http://www.criticalsecret.com at the time of its two years
anniversary of existence. Beyond the modern avant-gardes and post-moderns,
in all their prospects for rupture or going beyond, innovates a prospective
territory to which relay the observation and the perception of the review.

Public and free seminar on reservation please contact Sophie Kulczewski:
at 33 (0)1 44 78 75 08, skulczewski@mep-fr.org
or Olivier Quernez:
at 33 (0)1 48 05 90 82, quernezo@criticalsecret.com

With the assistance of the MEP, LAIOS (Laboratory of Anthropology of the
Institutions and the Social Organizations, House of the Social sciences,
CNRS), the partnership of the editions L'HARMATTAN (publishing the book from
the acts in 2003).

AIR FRANCE partner (transport the foreign speakers).

Criticalsecret (Ubiprodedis) concept publishers-producers/ Alternative Press
and Redactors SA
with a capital 382 Euros/ RCS Paris B 437 693 971 (2001B10722)
Nadim Cheikhrouha, President/ Aliette Guibert-Certhoux, publisher Director
Address: 12 passage saint Pierre-Amelot 75011 Paris/ France
Phone and Fax: 33/ (0)1 48 05 90 82

LAIOS (CNRS) Laboratory of Anthropology of the Institutions and the Social
Research director Marc Abélès, co-director Henri-Pierre Jeudy
Maison des Sciences de l'Homme, 54 brd Raspail 75006 Paris, France
Phone: 33 (0)1 49 54 21 98 Fax: 33 (0)1 49 54 21 90


Precariousness-instability Active Concepts in the paradigmatic renewals

Contacts for the symposium contents and administration:
Animation and general administration Aliette Guibert-Certhoux,
Scientific commitee person for the LAIOS, Henri-Pierre Jeudy,

Scientific Directors:

> Wednesday December 11/ 10 am to 8 am

The organizers announce the seminar opened.

The projection of the film "LA JETEE" in homage to cineast Chris Marker.
presented by Andrea Grunert (Historian of cinema, France/ Germany).

Morning - Surge of technics, aesthetics and failure
Henri-Pierre Jeudy (Sociologist, LAIOS, CNRS).
> Deadly esthetisation of social
Marc Abélès (Anthropologist, LAIOS, CNRS).
> The politics failure
Michel Tibon-Cornillot (Anthropologist of Sciences, Professor EHESS, Paris).
> The surge of contemporary techniques : Instablity, disappearance of the
industrial companies.

Afternoon - "Fragile Humanity" 1, metapolitics, atopia, events, strategies
Myriam Revault d' Allonnes (Philosopher, University of Rouen).
> Fragile Humanity
Jean-Paul Dollé (Philosopher, School of architecture of Paris la Villette)
> Politics as an evenemential
Juan Alonso (Semiotician, University Paris VIII)
> Languages of terrorism : rates, rythms and instability.
Federico Montanari (Semiotician, University of Bologna, Italy).
> Semiotics of the war

Evening - "Fragile Humanity" 2, Time in the random autonomy of Arts and
Penny Starfield (Researcher in History and Esthetics of the cinema,
University of Paris VII)
> Story at stake
Hikaru Fujii (Vidéaste and multi-media graphic designer, ENSAD JP/FR)
> Interactive perceptions : Public and sports.
Antoine Schmitt (Sculptor of animated virtualities)
> Performing the Algorythmic Cycles : The Nanoensembles
Andre Lozano aka Loz-on-the-Net (multi-media Graphic designer, professor of
visual arts, Lycée of Metz, Fr).
> Numerical editing as a critical art.

> Thursday December 12/ 10 am to 8 am

Morning - "Neither god, nor gene" 1
Jean-Jacques Kupiec (Biologist, Engineer Researcher, Institut Cochin,
National Institute of Health and Medical Research, CNRS, Paris)
> Darwinism and genetics
Pierre Sonigo (Biologists, Director Researcher, Institut Cochin, National
Institute of Health and Medical Research, CNRS, Paris)
> Genotype and phenotype : Instruction or selection ?
Isabelle Tardieux (Researcher, Institut Cochin, CNRS, Paris)
> Praise for the parasite Toxoplasma Gondii (oyé, oyé)
Bertrand Laforge (Physicist, Pierre et Marie Curie university Paris VI,
Laboratory of Nuclear Physics and High Energies).
> Chance-election, simulation

Afternoon - "Neither god, nor gene" 2
Ana Soto, (Professor, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, Tufts
University School of Medicine, Boston, the USA)
> Theory of the cellular society : A new comprehension of Cancer (1)
Carlos Sonnenschein (Professor, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology,
Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston, the USA)
> Theory of the cellular society : A new comprehension of Cancer (2)

Evening - Interstitial universes, Lucky fiction
Jean-Louis Weissberg (Professor and Researcher in Sciences of the
communication, University of Paris XIII, Laboratory Paris VIII)
> Reticular model, fiction and experimentation : Television lies.
Etienne Armand Amato (Dr. in Info-com à Paris 8, Laboratory ³Paragraphe² and
Founding OMNI ³Observatoire des Mondes Numériques Interactifs²)
> About some games and the experience around that.
David Christoffel (Chronicler at Radio-France and Compositor)
> 1. On the text from Erik Satie partitions. 2. Following the spoken oratorio, a
sound performance: "On conflict of the emotion and style".
Pascale Criton (Compositor and philosopher), with the musician Didier
> A conference and concert performance : Intersticial univers (Musical plays :
"She's nice" and "The ritornell and the gallop").

> Friday December 13/ 10 am to 8 am

Morning - Prospective philosophy and representations
Peter Sloterdijk (Philosopher, Researcher, University of Karlsruhe, Germany)
> After criticism, Philosophy and prospective (title subject to changes)
Mehdi Belhaj Kacem (Writer and Philosopher)
> Precariousness / Instability 1
Veronique Bergen (Anthropologist and Philosopher, Belgium)
> Precariousness / Instability 2 (with Guy Peellaert's contribution for Gilles
Deleuze's portrait)
McKenzie Wark (Sciences of communication, University of New York, USA)
> Virtual Geographies and power.
Jean Baudrillard (Sociologist, Philosopher).
> Virtual and Evenemential

Afternoon - Round table, conclusion
Round table and debates, conclusions, in the presence of the Speakers.
Close announcement by the Organizers.

Evening - Books signature, closing
Signatures of the reference works of the Speakers in the Library of the MEP.
Then, a special toast to close the symposiun.

*Subject to unforeseen changes.

Public and free seminar on reservation please contact Sophie Kulczewski:
at 33 (0)1 44 78 75 08, skulczewski@mep-fr.org
or Olivier Quernez:
at 33 (0)1 48 05 90 82, quernezo@criticalsecret.com

French-English-US Tanslator:
Antoine de Torcy, François Lasquin
General Assistant and public-relation on Institutionnal objects :
Olivier Quernez

Technical consulting for the file, Daniel Guibert, Professor of Architecture
ability to direct research in Theories and Doctrins, School of Architecture
Paris-Malaquais and of Paris La Villette.

Precariousness/Instability Criticism innovation, poietic, destiny

to Isabelle Cordonnier,
Economy Strategies and Defense Expert
www.criticalsecret.com Publisher & Author
Died may 2002, R.I.P.

  There would be a seminar/multidisciplinary performance emerging from the
poietical prospective on-line magazine http://www.criticalsecret.com. This
creative suggestion is to be understood from a diversified and paradoxical
point of view in so far as instability and precariousness seem to
organically organize predictable coherences, would they be still indefinite
as events, about an anthropological destiny as much as a materialist
thinking in its different temporalities and logical consequences.

If such a point of view were to take into account the idea of rupture it
could nevertheless not be confused with what modernity achieved in terms of
ruptures, through avant-gardiste lineages between the different historical
and progressist traditions, towards utopia. A homage to researchers,
intellectuals, philosophers, scientists, writers, artists, composers,
explorers of the individual and common becoming, engaged for their part by
observation or by production from a radical critical point of view, without
any consensual a priori prescription and in any diversity of place or matter
it can take place (from the most familiar to the proudest). It addresses in
particular those who contribute to the paradigmatic changes- including the
most surprising -from the most incidental and commonplace to the largest or
most consistent of the social activities. The present seminar is not meant
to be a vulgarisation project, even if it suggests a communication of the
already existing prospective progresses, for example the scientific changes
in genetics, or the evolution of political concepts, or the issue of
becoming, in particular addressing the perceptive sensitivity as well as the
listening without before-hand knowledge.

This would obviously not change in any way the personal intention and manner
nor the style of the speakers. The conceptual federation is here symbolic
and just supposes a social or transdisciplinary attention, in all cases a
metapolitical and atopical one ; so far as it is fractured and diversified
it can be understood in terms of actuality.

The meaning is cast, like a dice, and will be shared randomly, since the
participants will be autonomous in their respective interpretations, just
like the diversified image of the theme which suggests its experimental game
in being. Such can be the particularity of our proposition, how common
interferences or strong alterities that can make sense would be underlined
in the last half-day of the seminar/performance, during the roundtable
animated by scientific counsellors, the titular animators and the on-line
review being present and together will call the seminar to its end.

Special thanks to the Sociologist Henri-Pierre Jeudy and the Biologist
Jean-Jacques Kupiec for their support.

Février 2002, Aliette Guibert-Certhoux, Director Publisher and animator from
Translation April 19, 2002 by Isabelle Cordonnier.

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