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[Nettime-bold] matter of urgency !!!

                       TOP CONFIDENTIAL

It is my pleasure writing you this confidential business proposal with a view
You will consider my request and give response hence time is essential.

 Moreover, I am making this to you based on trust and confidence i am trying to
Establish in respect of the fact, that we have not met before or had any business
Dealings but because of business I had at hand, I want to remain positive minded
Having the faith and the will and convincing myself that you will be capable to
Handle the business I' m about to introduce you to. As a matter of introduction,
I am the Financial Director/Chief Accountant of INEC, meaning Independent
National Electoral Commission. This organization INEC is in charge of conducting
Elections in my country Nigeria. Consequently, about US$1 billion has been
Recently allocated to this Agency from the office of the Presidency to utilize
In procuring all necessary equipments needed to be used in conducting the next
Forth coming election coming up early January 2002.

 Meanwhile, a panel of board of members has been constituted by INEC in
Awarding various aspect of contact to foreign firms who applied to supply these
Equipments needed by INEC. Though in all the tender application submitted ti
INEC feasibility study has already been done by my office and it happens that I
Is the chairman of the board? Having awarded about three contracts valued at
US$700 million I and two key officers of the tender board has deliberately over
Invoice one of the contracts to an excess amount of US$34million with the
Intention of transferring it out immediately hence there are speculations that we
Might be retired from service any time next year.

 Subsequently, some of the successful foreign firm who secure this contact have
Supplied these equipments and are about to start processing their payment and in
View of this, we are taking the liberty to contact you immediately to come to
Our assistance in helping us to claim the amount indicated US$34million since
>From the civil service law being operated here, top Government officials are not
Allowed to operate foreign account up openly to process this fund may raise
Suspicious and the paying authorities may not be willing to release the fund to
Us and judging all this fact or it become imperative that a foreign - partner
Has to be contacted to enable us realize our objectives.

 Therefore, we need your urgent help to enable us meet up with the schedule
Required to claim the said money. For your assistance in this operation you will
Be receiving 10% of the fund on successful transfer of this fund while 80%
Belong to the three officials, which will be used for investment in your country
Once we over there.

 Conclusively, please be assured, that no risk is liable to you or should you
Face any legal implications hence the transaction will be legalized because
Classified documents will be processed on your behalf to back the payment prior
To transferring to your account. This transaction is expected to be accomplished
Within two weeks interval. Should you be in any position to assist us making
This operation a reality, please reach me on the above e-mail address.

 Looking forward to hearing from you urgently.

 Best regards.

Hon.Paul Inyang.

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