PRINCE OVIE O. ODAFE on Thu, 14 Nov 2002 14:11:01 +0100 (CET)

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ATTN: Sir, 


This letter might come to you as a surprise but permit me to  introduce myself before you properly. My name is PRINCE OKE OVIE ODAFE, the only UNKNOW WORKING CONTACT that had worked for the late Nigerian former head of State,late Gen. Sanni Abacha . We were more than 10 people that worked for the late head of state during the period in which he was Ruling. Some of the big names that has worked with me for the late head of state include:- MR. GILBERT CHAGOURY of
the Chagoury family, MARK RISSER from the U.S, NASSIM GAON an Isreali, MR. ATIKU BAGUDU a Nigerian and some others.

Since I have trustedly worked locally for the former head of State, 
most payment documents for the importation of petroleum products until his last day were always in my custody. I am not KNOWN by the general public NOT EVEN to this PRESENT RULING NIGERIAN GOVERNEMENT as one of the persons that the late head of state Gen. Sanni Abacha
has used to starched Money out of the Country mostly in CASH .

I have in my possession the document of the last approved payments  by the late head of state, Gen. Sanni Abacha for the importation of petroleum product ( BUNNY LIGHT ) which amount to A TOTAL SUM OF US$100 MILLION for TELEGRAPHIC TRANSFER to an OVERSEA ACCOUNT THAT CAN BE PROVIDED BY YOU. You should be aware that immediately after the death of Late. Gen. Sanni Abacha , all his accounts both local and international operated by him, his wife and the entire family were all frozen by this very government. The wife tried after some time to move out CASH by herself in 8 suit-cases worth over US$150 Million but was caught at the Abuja International Airport by the Airport Securitymen which the whole world was aware and knows about it’s happening at that time and the said amount was seized by this present government and this lead to her house arrest up till date.

Since some of the approved payment by the late head of state is now 
being honoured and payment made by this present government to the beneficiaries, that is why I am contacting you in soliciting for your assistance to provide the best and safest ACCOUNT in which we can transfer A TOTAL SUM OF US$100 MILLION for profitable investment ON  MY BEHALF. This account can be in your country or outside your country, provided it will be safe in recieving this money. This is the only payment left UNTOUCHED because the documentations of the contract for the payment of this money DOES NOT IN ANYWAY RELATE TO THE ABACHAS.

To this, I am soliciting for your brotherly and humanly kind assistance to stand for me as my foreign partner to claim and
receive this money on my behalf by Telegraphic Transfer to any given
overseas account. What I need you to do is, I want you to submit to me immediately your complete Company’s Name and Address, your name as President or Managing Director / C.E.O of the company, Your Receiving Banking Particulars:-(BANK’S NAME and ADDRESS, BANK’S TELEPHONE,FAX,& TELEX NUMBERS ,YOUR RECIEVING ACCOUNT NUMBER,SWIFT & ROUTING NUMBERS).

With these requested informations sent to me immediately,I will get 
your Company properly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission and also as one of the Foreign Contractors to the
"NIGERIA IMPORTING PETROLEUM PRODUTS" (N.I.P.P.C ) under the the Federal Government for the "P.P.M.C" as a registered foreign contractor who has already been awarded and executed the said contract for the sum of US$100 million for the Importation of Bunny Light Petroleum Product, Supply and Installation of MACHINERY PARTS for the Four REFINERY PLANTS to which documents I already have in my custody to make change of company’s name and to process the approvals for the release and transfer of this US$100Million to your given account .

After receiving the above needed and stated informations from you, we 
will process all the documentation, and submit them for immediate approvals, and the US$100Million will be release for TRANSFER, PAYMENT and FULL CREDITING to the given account from you. You should know that because I am a Nigerian citizen, I cannot stand and make claims for the transferring out of this money myself, it is based on this I am soliciting for your brotherly and humanly assistance to SUCCESSFULLY ACHIEVE AND CONCLUDE THIS DEAL FOR ALL OUR MUTUAL BENEFIT. Though previously in years back,I have made a direct attempt which was an UNSUCCESSFUL CASH MOVEMENT of US$800Million to one of
the European Country that was disrupted at the Murtala Mohammed
International Airport Lagos on August 12, 1995 by the Nigerian Customs and the AirPort security Officials.Evidence of this, 

At this point, I need to let you know the sharing pattern if you agree to do this DEAL with me.:- 20% of the total sum will be given to you as your personal share, 5% will be set aside for expenses
incurred during the transacting period by both parties (yourside & myside ) and 65% will be put into investment while the remaining 10% will be put it into another account so that when cash need arises, withdrawals can be made easily by US. 

I want to strongly assure you that this deal does not involve any risk or scandal now or in the future. If you agree to do this deal with me, be rest assured that under SEVEN WORKING DAYS upon receiving the requested informations from you, the deal will be fully completed and sealed up to which you can then confirm receipt of the money (US$100MILLION ) in your account. For easy and safe communication, I would require to have your private telephone and fax numbers; while I await your immediate response, thanks and have a nice day and reach Me with this my private email box (

Best regards,


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