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[Nettime-bold] Music Festival - Seeks Unsigned Talent

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Partnering with the biggest names in Music Entertainment, Vivendi
Universal, and have come together to sponsor one 
of the biggest multi-media music entertainment events today. 
We're referring to the U.S. Music Tradeshow, and we are giving over 
250 Lucky bands a place in performance history by way of our 
3000 Screaming Fans Contest & Artist Showcase Talent Search. 

All Interested Bands who are interested in Performaning Live at the USMT
must complete an Music Showcase Application and submit 
it directly to the U.S.Music Tradeshow Heaquarters before
February 15th, 2003. Our 25-Panel Selection committee begins judging & 
all registered bands beginning February 25th, 2003 with all bands
having been contacted by May 11th, 2003.

For More Information about the 3000 Screaming Fans Talent Search
please click below:


Contact US:
Contest Questions or Concerns?
Contact our the U.S.M.T. Selection Committe via the web at:

Have a Technical/Web-Related Question?
Contact the U.S.M.T. Help Desk:
Have a Business or Advertising Proposal or Question?
Speak to the Big Boss.
Contact Brad Huert, U.S.M.T. Talent Director directly at:

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