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FROM REV REV NWOKOLO ENALIZE COTE D'IVOIRE ABIDJAN IN WEST AFRICA EMAIL: Attention: Please My Dear It is with great pleasure and deep sense of need that i am writing you though i can not boast of knowing you, I got your contact through a company investment journal publication. In brief introduction I am REV NWOKOLO ENALIZE the president and owner of St Anthony centre a non governmental organisation in CONGO KINSHASA and also a trust friend of the former late democratic elected president of federal republic of Congo, late president Laurent Desire Kabila. Before Kabila's assassination on 12th January 2001 by his A.D.C,. Krew Kashishi he called me on phone on 20th August 2000 he instructed me to come and see him in His office the next day. The next day been 21st I went to his office and he told me that he have two metallic trunk boxes he wants to keep in my house for safety, been my friend and also the president, I agreed with him On 25th of the same month he called me on phone again and inform me that he will be coming to my house with his A.D.C and the boxes by 12 o'clock midnight 00;00gmt, when they arrived he instructed me to keep this boxes for him in my bed room and warned me not to let another person hear or see this boxes, but they left I called my friend intimate her about the development. On 12th January when we hear about his assassination by his A D C Krew Kashishi and Kashishi was also killed the same day, immediately I called my friend attention and suggest that we should open the boxes and know its content when we forced it opened we were surprised that the content of the boxes are united states dollars coded central bank of Congo and in each boxes was written inside $17.5 million dollars two of them 35million dollars. After his burial, with the help of my friend who is a fishing trawler operator I smuggle this boxes out of our country through west coast river to Abidjan Côte d'Ivoire West Africa where I am now and deposited it in one of the private security firm and for security reason the real content of the boxes was not disclose to the security firm it was deposited as family treasure As you well know,there has been a political crises in Cote d'Ivoire since the 19th of September 2002. The inability of the Ivorian government to settle with the rebels and the subsequent escalation of the crises has prompted us to look for ways of transfering the consignment and moving out of this country. I am writing to you because I want you to assist me and present your self in this transaction If you will be able to assist me you will make an urgent travelling arrangement and come down to Abidjan where I am now for face to face meeting. Or I can arrange with the diplomatic manager of the security firm to use their diplomatic means and transport this boxes to Europe where the have offices and we will meet their [Europe] I will give you 20% of the total sum for your kind assistance and also reimburse all your local and international expenses like your telephone bill, flight ticket and hotel accommodation and the remaining will be used for charity works here in Africa and overseas [though the out come of our meeting will decide] I hope this proposal will interest you as I will be waiting for your urgent acceptance and response bless you Best regards REV NWOKOLO ENALIZE NB: please I expect your urgent response, but if you are not intrested in helping me,kindly inform me so that I can look for someone else.And do delete this mail from your system if you are not intrested.

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