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[Nettime-bold] SeeYou.SeeMeNot - intimate surveillance

SY.SMN - SeeYou.SeeMeNot
intimate surveillance

by intima | virtual base
emotional solution for sad&lonely art
antwerpen, belgi - november 2002

- - -

intimacy = (her) obsession | fantasy = deeper & deeper
obsession = dis/appearing | frustration = repeating
loop = danger | one = not enough x 3 | me = her web cam 

- - -

I am fully equipped for the highly emotional experience. I disappear deeper and deeper into the landscape, with the frustrations opening in 
the subtle and repetitive rhythm of empty images and voices. Everything is short, clean, just the basics. I travel through the emotional 
labyrinths that emerge from the intestines of closed networks. I share the rhythm of these parallel, flickering landscapes revealed in front of 
me, intriguing me, seducing me with their spaceless speech and imagery. No emotion, just a glimpse of it, no feeling, just the pain of it, 
no happiness, just the sound of it, no talk, just the word of it, no passion, just the climax of it. The intimate landscapes play with my 
illusions of possession and boundlessness, surprising me with their inner history and touching me with their surprising analogies. A 
structure of liquid emotion, a fusion of the visible and the invisible. The bonds between the incongruities and spanned incommensurables 
may seem playful, but they are not innocent. Playfulness is just a mask for a very serious adventure taking place at the intimate 
landscapes. There is a clear threat of emotional attachment. Who provokes me and who gets provoked? Who fills me with lust and who is 
lustful? Who is dynamic and who is frozen? Danger resides in the intimate dismals, personal dismemberment.

(B. Kunst -

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ms ie 6+, java, wav, opt. 1024x768

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intima virtual base is also presented in / exhibited by

* Le Centre national d'art et de Culture Georges Pompidou - Musee national d'art moderne; Paris, France 
* Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain 
* Hamburger Kunsthalle; Hamburg, Germany 
* Modern Gallery of Ljubljana, Slovene Museum of Contemporary Arts; Ljubljana, Slovenia 
* Computerfinearts, net and media art collection; New York, USA 

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intima virtual base / 2003: Berlin, Germany; Rauma, Finland; Rotterdam, The Netherlands; Paris, France; Maribor, Slovenia

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