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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> From Tactical Media to Digital Multitudes

> I always pay particular attention to messages from Kermit Snelson and
> Brian Holmes because I like where each of them is coming from.  I have
> pursued this sense of an affinity with each of them off the list. So when
> Brian takes umbrage at Kermit's last post in this thread, I feel compelled
> to enter the fray.

being an heavy full of multitude beer earthling and dealing rather with fold
kinda deleuzian one at chin & belly for recognizing my buds at the bar i am
pretty amusing by some intellectual folklorik description of some impalpable
anima who are meeting around here. yes i speak about projective body you
have.. cause of course presently you 'see' me..& yes and see i am rather
attracting and modeling by the apolinian lightning force, then kermit &
brian are rather twining in some laurel & hardy brain shape ok ok ! the
world is a vast land populated by so diverse knitting dark fiber female &
male parishioner. but what about yourz..i would say, dark fiber made panz
free ?

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