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[Nettime-bold] Sean Cubitt's Juvenilia - significant developments

'One day the world will mourn 
the loss of my Juvenilia'. 
Sean Cubitt, January 2002, [::archives::]

Juvenillia - Juv-en-il-lia. Ju-ven-il-ia... ...


hanging like a pregnant signifier 
awaiting the matrix of its 
associated meanings.

Sixty Thousand memes
a Thesaurus of words
competing for significance
in a matrix of meaning


a pregnant pause


Generation Flash? The Flashers?
Flashers indeed? 'You dirty old fucka.'
They are the Whacked Generation
They are the Whackers.

Some laws were made by daughters
to fuck Patriarchy.


Let's leave, 
masculinity and whiteness
its epiphanaic plaisir 
with Richard Dyerfung

and remember it was always
'the personal is the political ::too::'

And with all our Palestines 
Make love through war to peace

The dollar that was to go to GreenPeace
send it by PayPal to 'Terrorists'

the web-dollar-drop for freedom fighters
and people who make and mediate culture

through art, politics, and lore
wherever freedom and love are in demand.

'Code for Cake
Genes into Gold.' 
Memes for memories sake.

I am inflected by her


the subtle currents and refluxes
refusals and sudden tempests

'in the domains of the abstract
circuit boy was an easy seduction'

'there's a minefield around here somewhere
but i think we are through it now.'

Lachlan Brown


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