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[Nettime-bold] ** 6th International Browserday **

Title: ** 6th International Browserday **
NL-Design and Paradiso present


PARADISO ­ AMSTERDAM - friday May 17 - 2002
Start at 2 PM

Browserday, the international competition for new media designers,  is coming back to Amsterdam. After Browserdays in New York and Berlin, the next event will take place at Paradiso on 17 May 2002. In 1998, the first Browserday was staged in the midst of the so-called 'Browserwar' between Netscape and Microsoft. Ever since the question who owns infrastructure and thus determines the ways in which billions of people communicate has become increasingly urgent. The techno-economic battleground has shifted from the Internet to mobile networks but the issues are still the same: who sets the standards and owns them? What degree of freedom does the user have and what is the role of designers in this fast changing world of new media? Almost 35 young designers will present their alternative proposals that leave the existing software and interface culture far behind.

The networks have liberated themselves from their cables. Electroclouds blow through the streets. The heavy desktop computers of yesteryear have shrunk and accompany us everywhere and nowhere. The unbearable lightness of the media makes us feel uneasy about the almost perfect accessability of the world. The invisible abundance of signs takes users into a technological unconscious. For the moment all problems seem to be solved. But who are the ones that invite us to this technological wonderland? Are wireless networks part of society or are we mere paying guests of this cell space; clients granted access only after having paid? Does wireless mean powerless? Can we act against wireless devices being tapped? Are there public spaces on the network that aren't being run by the big telecoms? What do the tiny screens look like that offer more facilities than sending text messages or photos?


Start 2 PM - (door open at 1.30)
Browsershow and contest ­ more than 30 fresh and cool presentations of exactly 3 minutes by young designers from all over the world.
Presentation: John Thackara (Doors of Perception)

Special guests:
Tim Pritlove, Chaos Computer Club
Jaap den Dulk, KPN Mobile

The jury members are:
Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Fellow MIT Dublin
Taco Stolk, Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag
Caroline Nevejan, Hogeschool van Amsterdam
Shu Lea Cheang, Artist (USA)
Koert van Mensvoort, Designer / Programmer
Thorsten Schilling , Bundeszentrale für Politische Bildung, Bonn
Ine Poppe, Journalist & Professor, The Netherlands
Jaap den Dulk, KPN Mobile, The Netherlands

7 PM ­ 8 PM: dinnerbreak

8 PM
That evening, five finalists chosen by the jury will compete for The Browser Award. Before the Award Ceremony three former Browserday winners will give a presentation:
Jonah Brucker-Cohen (USA), Fellow MIT Dublin, winner of the 4th Browserday in New York. Joes Koppers (NL), interaction designer/artist, winner of the first Browserday in Amsterdam. Victor Vina (Spain), researcher at the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, Italy, winner of the 3th Browserday Amsterdam.

10 PM  
WWAMM - Wireless Wide Area Music Machine
BrowserParty organized by Paradiso.


Tim Pritlove, Chaos Computerclub from Berlin.
The Chaos Computer Club is world's oldest hacker club with more than 1000 members mostly in but not limited to german-speaking countries. The club organizes regular meetings and conferences and actively promotes freedom of information in the public. The acts as a mediator between public and the technical scene and tries to explain both chances and risks of the use of modern technologies.

Jaap den Dulk, KPN mobile. He will introduce i-mode to the Netherlands and shows how to create your own website on the mobile phone.  


Docu RT. Browserday will be broadcast live from the Paradiso on the Internet (www.browserday.com) and on Amsterdam¹s local TV cable A2000. Comments, Interviews and moving images will give shape to Browserday¹s theme of "Wireless Cellspace: rich air". Students from UvA and the Rietveld Academy will experiment using digital techniques to tackle the difficulty-defined term "webcast"

- Live streaming of International browserday: www.browserday.com

- International browserday creates temporary public space!
Not just in the foyer and main hall, but also outside. Bring your computer with airport/wavelan to Paradiso and hook up to our broadband connection.

- Circus Babylon (DJ plus coctailbar) by Ixopusada.

- WWAMM- Wireless Wide Area Music Machine by Luna Maurer, Maarten Wolzac,  Roel Wouters, Joes Koppers.

- Browserday Reader - THE SKY IS NOT THE LIMIT
With: Archigram (Ron Herron and Barry Snowden), Paul Auster, Don Cameron, Ben Rubin, Rob van Kranenburg, Chaos Computer Club, Brad Evenson, Leonard Latiff, Diller and Scofidio, Geert Lovink, John Glenn, tom abeles, Johan Grimonprez, Kevin W. Tharp, Vic Muñiz, Vince Murphy, Unidentified Skyjackers Everywhere, Zapatistas.

Compiled by: Geert Lovink, Tara Karpinski, Natacha Vairo

The reader is literally enveloped in air and costs only 5 euro.


TEL: 020-6264521 Entrance: 12 euro, students 7 euro. Tickets are available at the door and AUB Ticketshop and Postoffices 0900-3001250.


NL.design, DasArts Dialogue and Sandberg Institute

wireless browserdinner ­ May 16

This is the year 2030. Biochips have inscribed into our flesh. Mobility has colonized the body. We are tracked and traced. Our presumed freedom of movement is at stake. Robots taking orders and serving food. Rebels navigate foodpills. Technology is slowly entering our physical body; wireless and mobile. Skyworks is lifted up the sky, sweeping webcam, SEEING and STREAMING on www.dasarts.nl en www.browserday.com.

Concept: Shu Lea Cheang - artist (USA) in collaboration with
DasArts dialogue and Sandberg Instituut.

May 16th Dinner Served at 7.30 pm. at the glasshouse at dasarts
Haarlemmerweg 8-10 reservations compulsory. t: 020-5869636


MOBILE MINDED - publication

This is the mobile world of quotes, essays, statistics and factoids, all reflecting the very young state of the art in wireless thinking. This publication asks what it means to become cellular, think wearable and live mobile. Liberated from cables and heavy objects, the new human condition of always being available is a  remarkably light and unreflected one. Mobile phones seem to fit in almost unconsciously our busy everyday lives. More than 60 thinkers, designers, artists have contributed to this colorful book.

The texts of this book are compiled by Geert Lovink & Mieke Gerritzen. Design by NL.Design. The publisher is BIS Publishers (nl) and Gingko Press (usa). The book is available at browserday for 12 euro.


International Browserday is a project by NL.Design. Day and Dinner address issues pertaining to the present state of communication in society. By thinking up new communication concepts and creating experiments, we criticize the technological developments in business, culture and society.
For more information: browserday@nl-design.net

The Sixth International Browserday is organized in collaboration with: Paradiso, DasArts, UvA, Rietveld Academy and Sandberg Institute.
The Browserday is generally supported by: Mondriaan Stichting, Thuis Kopie Fonds, Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds, Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst, KPN Mobile, Engage!, XS4ALL, DDS Studio and Skyworks Nederland.