Lachlan Brown on Fri, 3 May 2002 02:18:02 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Love + Revolution/Revolution + Love - in which order


Yes, these words form the axis I am presently embracing, and have for 
some time. Painful but necessary mediation, which might be a definition
 for the genius2000 survey. I will fill in the survey when I have 
thought about it a bit. Thanks for your reply: 'we are discussing 
binarity at its most binaric basis' I like that. 

'Is that self-promotion or information?' We can't inform without 
inferring the self and others, that would be meaningless wouldn't it?   



> Howdy Lachlan, you are officially one of the people who has at some point 
> voluntarily reacted to the Genius 2000 Network and is at peace with it.  
> Coeval peace.
> As for first/after, I view temporal sequence often by the idea of both at the 
> same time in just proportion.  NN calls it isotropic biomath, I refer to it 
> mainly in literature and rhetoric.  As with the two lines in an equal sign, = 
> visually, when in fact we are discussing binarity at its most binaric basis.
> The savagery of reason/the reason of savagery, which was more important to 
> Nietzche?  Plus I'm not an amateur.  The WSJ is the best reading around; 
> today Fukuyama on the death of libertarianism and an article on how web 
> bibliography is the new chief labor of scholars who use MLA.
> Plus I'm getting a label, new site, you name it, all up soon at 
> Is that self-promotion or information?  I believe MLA rewards conformist 
> writing first.  In that regard I find a new network to be in order.  This 
> brand new network at GENIUS2000.NET will fund artists by selling portable 
> health-care technology and socially ethical garments as well as other 
> services.  
> Take the survey please,
> Max Herman
> ++


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