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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Love + Revolution/Revolution + Love - in which order

Howdy Lachlan, you are officially one of the people who has at some point 
voluntarily reacted to the Genius 2000 Network and is at peace with it.  
Coeval peace.

As for first/after, I view temporal sequence often by the idea of both at the 
same time in just proportion.  NN calls it isotropic biomath, I refer to it 
mainly in literature and rhetoric.  As with the two lines in an equal sign, = 
visually, when in fact we are discussing binarity at its most binaric basis.

The savagery of reason/the reason of savagery, which was more important to 
Nietzche?  Plus I'm not an amateur.  The WSJ is the best reading around; 
today Fukuyama on the death of libertarianism and an article on how web 
bibliography is the new chief labor of scholars who use MLA.

Plus I'm getting a label, new site, you name it, all up soon at 

Is that self-promotion or information?  I believe MLA rewards conformist 
writing first.  In that regard I find a new network to be in order.  This 
brand new network at GENIUS2000.NET will fund artists by selling portable 
health-care technology and socially ethical garments as well as other 

Take the survey please,

Max Herman


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