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[Nettime-bold] _The End of a Festival_

_The End of a Festival_


// Twenty days ago, in a hot sunday afternoon, we send a _call for noise_ 
for a certain number of lists and friends. We asked people to send audio 
and visual noises to mix up, in a three-night experience, with projections 
and live music. The response from all over the world was great and we are 
happy to release some results of the project.

// But the game isn't over, yet!

// We move into this project to develop new ways of "public performance" 
that excide the classic"on-stage" experience.
We are interested in the idea of public performance as a stream of sounds, 
images, loops and videos, unleashed from set lists, tech rides and time 
limits. The two last experiences took place at the ESCAPE and Torre Malakoff.

// You can keep sending images, sounds, loops, videos to 
radio_recombo@manguebit.org.br, we'll be thankfull and we gonna use all 
material on the next Radio Re:combo, allways a site near you...

// Questions and support
If you have questions about Radio Re:combo, please send them to 
info@manguebit.org.br. For technical matters, contact us at 

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