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[Nettime-bold] Fwd: call for burger joints

oops, gotta re-send this.  got an error.

But forward this to EVERYBODY because the more recommendations we 
get, the more it will be useful.

>>  soul is not a pretentious crummy word I can never know.
>Because "soul" has multiple meanings that we all like better.
>For example, you can go into Paul's Burger Palace on 1st Ave. and 
>St. Marks. (in NY, there are really only a handful of neat things 
>left in this town and these burgers are one of them)
>Order the "soul burger".  It's a really great wad of meat but with 
>grilled onions and a thick slice of grilled ham and cheese (not 
>particularly kosher).  I got one for lunch today.
>It's the second best in town.  The first best is (of course) at the 
>Corner Bistro (right off 8th Ave).  They serve them on coffee 
>filters for plates.  Can't possibly top that.
>But I haven't been there in a while.  Some places try to improve 
>their product and thus botch it.  Veselka was cool when it didn't 
>look like a Starbucks.  Now that they've undergone major 
>reconstructive surgery, I'm sure the place is raking it in now but 
>who cares because it just doesn't have the "soul" any more. (there's 
>that word again)  Oh well.  Even when we suspect our product could 
>improve, don't mess with it.  It may have a magic, we just don't 
>Everyone should send me a note where to get the best burgers 
>(defined as loosely or literally as you see fit) in their city. 
>Your name (optional), the name of the place, location - so folks 
>from out of town can find it, and the city.  Then I will put them 
>all together on the web and anywhere you go in the world, you can 
>always find a good meal.


223 E 10th Street
PMB 130
New York, NY  10003
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