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>SECOND, I think that "software artwork" needs to be subdivided
>somewhat. I think the net/not-net debate is less important than the
>interactive/non-interactive debate. We are living in a moment where we
>see an increasing number of artist-programmers whose work manifests as
>either "Autonomous Algorithm" or "Interactive Experience".

Exactly.  The act of creating a thing to show others is vastly 
different that creating a thing for others to use.  They are not 
remotely similar yet people steeped in traditional media constantly 
think you can just dump interactive work to video.  That's fine, but 
it will sit there until it receives a mouse click, which may be a 
while, depending on your VCR.

The web is just a big storage system, we all have easy access to. 
(If Joe Shmoe in Madagascar wants to see my work, it's going to be a 
LOT easier to email the URL than to bring him into the studio in NY) 
But with the added support for generating buzz words and completely 
bogus hype.



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