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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> GENERATION FLASH (3A / 3)

I also think that many non-artist programmers would resist referring to Flash as a programming language. Well, they would giggle.

artist programmers too.

Programmers tend to work with programming systems or libraries in order to create their applications, but Flash still seems very much tied to the development environment Macromedia sells.

ActionScripting is supposed to be like JavaScript. It IS as giggle-worthy but the code is just not interchangeable. The fact remains, all works created in Flash TEND to look and operate similarly to each other. And though it is hardly impossible, the program makes it remarkably difficult to stray from the look and feel Macromedia had in mind. (Don't know if MX is any better about this)

the "modernism" effected by the Flash protocol, which is designed to deliver compressed animation over relatively narrow bandwidth seems to me mistakes technological limitations for an iconoclastic morality.


There doesn't seem much point in including ActionScripting (or even JavaScript which works with the two big browsers very specifically) as "programming languages" at all. (I seem to be agreeing with you, Sawad but it's a matter of degree.) ActionScripting simply allows access (though not always perfectly) to functions within that one program, Flash. At least with the abundance of Xtras (Director plugins), Lingo is actually closer to Java.

What's the difference between typing one of a handful of keywords and choosing a command from a drop down menu? "Language" is pretty meaningless here. However, good programming and problem solving is vastly different mindset between projects in C++ and running a coloring book program. Creating ideas in English (for example) is entirely different than opening up your heart to somebody you love by arranging a few pieces found from the magnetic poetry kit.

Use Flash where you need it. Use Quicktime (which, as you said, does a LOT more than play a video). Use Animated gifs. Anything from lo tech to no tech. They all have uses. Nothing beats Photoshop. Just remember it's all only helpful on a computer. Yeah, people CAN make cool art with a computer, but you don't have to. In fact, most artists don't use one at all.

Seems like what Lev was saying would still be close enough for most people.



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