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on 25.04.02 at 00 H 00, ARTE will broadcast
"Neue Kraft, Neues Werk (Transcodeur Express)"
a documentary by Ninon Liotet and Olivier Schulbaum

with: Shu Lea Cheang, Electric Indigo, Jenny Holzer, Chris Korda, Netochka
Nezvanova, Sadie Plant, Francesca da Rimini, Terre Thaemlitz...

"Neue Kraft, Neues Werk (Transcodeur Express)" presents visual artists,
music makers, activists and scholars who have a socially engaged and
political approach to the use of new technology in  the digital age.
Through feminist and queer theory methodologies, new sounds, images and
reflections they  challenge and give new readings of cultural stereotypes
and mainstream perceptions of our relation to new technology.

More information about the documentary and those interviewed on

!!!!check regulary for updates and extras

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