John Hopkins on Tue, 23 Apr 2002 20:15:01 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-bold] <di>fusion live

the time has almost arrived: welcome to <di>fusion!

09:00 26.April - 09:00 27.April.2002 (GMT-6) Boulder
11:00 26.April - 11:00 27.April.2002 (GMT-4) New York
16:00 26.April - 16:00 27.April.2002 (GMT+1) London
18:00 26.April - 18:00 27.April.2002 (GMT+3) Helsinki
20:30 26.April - 20:30 27.April.2002 (GMT+5:30) New Delhi
01:00 27.April - 01:00 28.April.2002 (GMT+10) Sydney

live location:
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Engineering Center (Room ECEE 1B08)
University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, USA

audio/video stream:

<di>fusion is a live & online open-platform happening for creative 
expression and action. The happening will simultaneously occupy 
global network spaces and a local physical space with collaborative 
performance, sound, music, DJ/VJ, and video events. We will be 
streaming audio and video during the entire 24 hours as well as 
hosting a variety of local and remote activities. Several global 
locations will be networked with us as well.

the web site details the ways you can connect with us live.  join us!

IRC server/channel (newnet): #<di>fusion (,,,
Habbo Hotel room:  <di>fusion pad
iVisit room: Education / Universities / More Rooms / di-fusion

<di>fusion: launched by the TECHNE practice-based research initiative 
at the University of Colorado at Boulder, USA, and is brought to you 
by the students in the FINE-4126 Advanced Digital Art course in 
collaboration with their teacher, visiting artist, John Hopkins. 
TECHNE is located at

<di>fusion: deployed as the 4th neoscenes occupation project and 
designed to bring together people, networks, learning, and creative 
action. for info contact neoscenes at <> or visit

please circulate this invitation!

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