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[Nettime-bold] GENERATOR - 1 May - 22 June 2002 - Spacex Gallery, Exeter

1 May - 22 June 2002

Organised by SPACEX and STAR, with support from the
Institute of Digital Art & Technology and the National
Touring Programme of the Arts Council of England

  "I intend to incorporate with one department of my
  labours a complete reduction to a system, of the
  principles and methods of 'discovery'"
  (Ada Lovelace, 1844)

Mark Bowden / Stuart Brisley / Angus Fairhurst / Alec
Finlay / Tim Head / Jeff Instone / ZoŽ Irvine / Sol LeWitt
/ limbomedia / Alex McLean / Guy Moreton / Netochka
Nezvanova / Yoko Ono / Organogenesis Inc / Jon Pettigrew /
Colin Sackett / Cornelia Sollfrank / STAR & monkeys from
Paignton Zoo / Joanna Walsh / Adrian Ward ...

GENERATOR presents a series of 'self-generating' projects,
incorporating digital media, instruction and participation
pieces, drawing machines, experimental literature and music
technologies. All work is produced 'live', in real-time,
with some elements continuing indefinitely. The exhibition
can also be described as 'generative' in that it will
develop and expand over time, by acting as a point of
connection for different generative practices across the
disciplines, highlighting the relationship of visual arts
to other traditions, especially sound and text-based work,
performance, and issues relating to chaos theory, complex
systems, and artificial life.

Generative art is a term generally given to work that is
automated by the use of a machine or computer, or by using
mathematic or pragmatic instructions to define the rules by
which the artwork is executed. After the initial parameters
have been set by an artist/programmer the process of
production is unsupervised, and, as such, 'self-organising'
and 'time-based'. Work literally 'grows' autonomously,
according to the innate properties of the chosen technology
or the particular circumstances in which the instructions
are carried out. The outcome of this process of
'complexity' is thus unpredictable, and could be described
as being integral to the 'nature' of that technology, or
situation, rather than simply the product of individual
human agency or authorship.

Thus GENERATOR places an emphasis on the productive
apparatus and processes, unfolding in real-time, rather
than end products or the dead-end commodity form of art.
The exhibition title refers to the term 'generator' itself,
describing the person, operating system or thing that
generates. Commissioned artists include emerging computer
artist-programmers as well as more established figures from
the conceptual art tradition, all of who work with
generative ideas.

More information is available at

Generator is a SPACEX touring exhibition, organised in
collaboration with STAR, and with support from the
Institute of Digital Art & Technology and the National
Touring Programme of the Arts Council of England. The
exhibition at SPACEX is sponsored by Habitat (Exeter),
Hotel Barcelona and Sky Rock Communications. SPACEX
receives financial assistance from South West Arts, Exeter
City Council and Devon County Council.

For further information please contact Spacex +44 (0)1392
431786, or email


Spacex Gallery
45 Preston Street
Exeter EX1 1DF, UK
Tel: +44 (0)1392 431786
Fax: +44 (0)1392 213786

10am - 5pm, Tuesday - Saturday
Admission free

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