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[Nettime-bold] RE: <nettime> Re: why art should be free

>>>Ippolito wrote
>>>Artist Ilya Kabakov claims that our society needs artists not to 
>>>create more information or imagery--we've got enough of that 
>>>already--but to recombine and envision the culture we already have.

>>McElroy wrote
>>And envision the culture we should have.

>Good point.

It is a good point, but a unnecessary one. There are many artists today
who are obviously and literally recombining various elements of
contemporary culture.

But more importantly, all creative work is fundamentally about the
culture of today, because it is that culture which created the artist
and the art in the first place. No artist (although some try/pretend to)
can exist outside of the myriad influences bombarding him/her from every
angle. Those influences are always there, even if they are not obvious.

The really thoughtful artists are almost always dealing with the world
as it might be; again, even if they aren't aware of it. A critical
approach to creativity will almost inevitably lead you there.


Richard Reynolds

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