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[Nettime-bold] RE: <nettime> Weak analysis

> Sorry, you have the CBC, not NBC, ABC, and CBS. There's no 
> comparison in the mediascape on a day to day basis, even if you 
> have Ted Turner's inflicted on you. The resistance of these 
> extraordinarily courageous Israeli soldiers has not to my knowledge 
> been widely reported here.

While Canada's main media outlets may be a smidgen ahead of their
American counterparts, that won't last long. They are rapidly succumbing
to the same pressures to produce entertaining trivial crap.

CBC worship is especially misplaced. As a former CBC correspondent I
don't think does good job of covering the world. Indeed, world coverage
consists mostly of watching CNN in the newsroom trying to figure out
where to send one of the few correspondents CBC has left.

Interesting, the English language CBC network increasingly relies on
French correspondents (some of who are very good), since the French side
of CBC believes strongly in good foreign coverage. A  quick look at
Newsworld and RDI (CBC's English and French equivalents of CNN).

That said, I think of all North American as a great news wasteland. I
read French (Le Figaro/Liberation) and English (Independent./Guardian)
papers almost every day. I consider myself very well informed about the
whole world, not just the Middle East (or Near East as the French call
it) and the handful of other locales we North American's deign to cover.

Regards, Richard Reynolds

a toi l'angoisse, a moi la rage 

W.  Richard  Reynolds de La Rochelle
journalist / writer / polemicist

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