Ricardo Bello on Fri, 12 Apr 2002 03:55:01 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-bold] More on Venezuela

	So far, 12 dead by gunshot and 30 or so wounded in Caracas. Several 
generals from the Air Force, Marine, National Guard and Army asked the 
President to step down from office. Chavez called his loyal troups and 
reinforce Palace surroundings. I don´t think he will give up that easily. 
This will be a long night for him, although I prefer he would make his 
Gilmore´s statement in The Executioner´s Song by Mailer (or was it In Cold 
Blood?). When a journalist told Gilmore it would be a very long night (he 
was getting the death penalty at dawn), he corrected him, "Actually, it 
will be the shortest night of my life." I don´t think Chavez deserves 
death, or anyone else for that matter. In punishment, he should be sent to 
work with Castro in La Habana, selling ice creams for the rest of his life.
	Today was a peaceful march, many young and old people, children even. 
Armed circles close to the President (Circulos Bolivarianos they are 
called) fired upon them. At first I was amazed CNN had nothing on Venezuela 
(CNN in Spanish is running it), but it makes sense: Colin Powell and Bush 
stand on Chavez has been clear. Venezuela democracy is not an important 
issue, unless oil productions (basically for American markets) is at risk. 
Now, with our oil company on strike, maybe today´s killing will make 
headlines. Still, democratic values are not conditioned to US approval nor 
do they come easy, they have to be defended and fought for, that´s today´s 

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