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[Nettime-bold] Nettime in Japan/SKorea?

Does anyone know of a nettime-like e-list in Japan or S. Korea?

Steven Clift
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P.S. I am heading that way ...

E-Democracy and Japan

On Wednesday, May 22, 2002 I will be speaking at a 
symposium on e-democracy in Tokyo, Japan. This will be my 
first visit to Japan. This message is a short introduction 
to my work and a request for advice and contacts. Please 
forward this message to those you think will be interested. 

** To connect with me and others interested in e-democracy
** in Japan, send an e-mail to:
** For e-democracy news, visit:

What is e-democracy?

A simple definition of e-democracy is the use of the 
Internet in governance, politics, elections, media and 
community.  I have spoken on this topic hundreds of times 
across twenty countries.  I look forward to learning about 
e-democracy trends in Japan and comparing notes.  

To learn more, read my "Future of E-Democracy," "E-
Democracy E-Book," and other articles on my web site 
<>.  My Democracies Online Newswire 
e-mail announcement list connects 2400 people around the 
world interested in this topic.  Join this important e-mail 
list and read past messages at 
<>.  To auto-translate my 
materials try <>.  

A request for advice.

In the days following the symposium I plan to meet people 
involved with e-democracy-related projects in media, 
politics, community and government.  Please e-mail 
suggested names and contact information to me 
<>.  In particular, I would like to meet 
the staff who work on Prime Minister Koizumi's e-mail 
newsletter <>, those 
involved with wireless political content on iMode, and 
citizens involved with very local uses of the Internet for 
local community involvement and discussions.  

Meeting and learning.

In major cities around the world I have organized small 
informal public gatherings where people interested in e-
democracy can meet one another.  We will meet online first 
and organize the details.  Join my e-mail list for contacts 
in Japan by sending an e-mail to 

I am also considering organizing a special half-day 
workshop for a limited number of participants on Friday, 
May 24 or Saturday, May 25. Depending upon potential 
sponsors and costs, there will likely be a fee to 
participate. Send me an e-mail if you would like more 
information on attending or sponsoring this event 

Thank you,

Steven Clift

P.S. You can read my full biography at 
<>. The short version is that I 
helped create the world's first election-oriented web site 
in 1994 called Minnesota E-Democracy, coordinated e-
government for the State of Minnesota 1994-97, served as Co-
Editor of the G8 Democracy and Government Online Service 
Publication, and I was a co-founder of Web White & Blue, a 
project of the Markle Foundation which organized an online 
presidential campaign debate in 2000.  Today, I am a global 
e-democracy expert, speaker and consultant. I continue to 
volunteer with Minnesota E-Democracy 
<> which is recognized as a 
leading host of online citizens discussions that matter in 
real politics and community.  

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Minnesota  -   -   -   -   -    T: +1.612.822.8667
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