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[Nettime-bold] The Digital Media Lecture Series continues at the IHC

From: "george legrady" <>

The Digital Media Arts Lecture Series is pleased to continue its spring 2002
lectures at the McCune conference room in the Interdisciplinary Humanities
program. '

The UCSB Digital Media Arts Lecture Series' has been initiated by George
Legrady to introduce to the campus and the Santa Barbara community a broad
range of activities in contemporary digital media arts of the last 15 years
with an emphasis on visual arts related practices that occur at the
intersections of technology and culture. The invited speakers will consist
primarily of practitioners and theorists with interdisciplinary backgrounds,
who will address a range of issues dealing with the theory and practice of
digital media.

The Lecture series is sponsored by a special Humanities HRI Research &
Curricular Initiative grant, in conjunction with the Media Arts & Technology
graduate program, and the department of Art Studio. All lectures are free
and open to the public.


The spring lectures will consist of 5 lectures by practitioners and
theorists in media arts. The schedule is as follows:

1) April 15, Monday 4pm, the IHC McCune Conference room

Luc Courchesne, Prof of Information Design, University of Montreal
Will present a survey of his multi-screen, immersive environment,
interactive installations.

Luc Courchesne received the BA in Design at the Nova Scotia College of Art &
Design and a MS at the MIT in Visual Studies. His installations have been
exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, NY, Tokyo¹s ICC museum, Paris'
Science Museum at La Villette, Karlsruhe's ZKM/Medienmuseum, Montréal's
Musée d'art contemporain amongst others.


2) April 22, Monday 4pm, the IHC McCune Conference room

Johan Grimonprez: INDEPENDENCE DAY REALTIME, videolounge
The evening will focus on the relationship between mass culture, technology
and terrorism.

Currently lecturing at the School of Visual Arts in New York, Mr. Grimonprez
attended the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program (1993) in New York. He
has been part of numerous, international festivals and exhibitions,
including Documenta X, (Kassel, 1997).  Published INFLIGHT with Hatje/Cantz
last year.


3) April 29, Monday 4pm, e-studio, Art Department
Lev Manovich, Prof of Media Arts and Theory, UCSD

Will present his current book-in-progress INFO-AESTHETICS and show a number
of projects: "little movies", designed for the Web (1994); the
Freud-Lissitzky Navigator, a conceptual software for navigating 20th century
history;  Anna and Andy, a streaming version of Tolstoy's novel; and Soft
Cinema commissioned by ZKM for its upcoming Cinema Future exhibition.

Lev Manovich is the author of The Language of New Media (The MIT Press,
2001), Tekstura: Russian Essays on Visual Culture (Chicago University Press,
1993) as well as many articles which have been published in more than twenty
countries. Manovich was born in Moscow and has been working with computer
media as an artist, computer animator, designer, and programmer since since
1984. He is in demand as a lecturer around the world, having delivered over
70 lectures in the US, Europe and Asia since 1999.


4) May 6, Monday 4pm, the IHC McCune Conference room
Eric Paulos, robotics engineer and artist

Tools, techniques, and systems deployed for novel interactions between
humans across a variety of communication channels will be discussed.
Tele-presence, tele-embodiment, tele-obliteration, and tele-crime: the new
forms of human contact and expression.  How will they be designed? What
benefits will they provide? What new social conventions and metaphors will
emerge from these physical artifacts?  Finally, how can artists and
scientists work together on addressing the ethics and consequences of our
technological environment?

Eric Paulos received his PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
from the University of California, Berkeley. His research, scientific,
artistic, and social interests revolve around robotics and internet based
telepresence, particularly the physical, aural, visual, and gestural
interactions between humans and machines and various permutations of these


5) May 13, Monday 4pm, the IHC McCune Conference room
Maja Kuzmanovic, media artist, Brussels (pending confirmation)
Principal, FOAM Interactive Multimedia. Art, University of Portsmouth. Prior to
founding FoAM, she has focused on non-conventional research and application
of technologies, ranging from Internet to Mixed Reality (including
ubiquitous and wearable computing) and fully immersive VR - CAVE
environments. For her work in these fields, she was elected as one of the
Top 100 Young Innovators by MIT ¹s Technology Review and worked in residency
within several European Research Centres, such as Starlab in Brussels, Dutch
National Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI) in Amsterdam and
German National Institute for Information Technology (GMD) in Sankt


Professor George Legrady
Media Arts & Technology | Art Studio
University of California
Santa Barbara, California 93106, USA
tel. 805.893.2026 (office)
fax. 805.893.7206

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