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[Nettime-bold] IAF.01

Interactive Arts Festival.01

The Interactive Arts Festival (IAF.01) will take place at the Kwan Fong 
Gallery at
California Lutheran University from April 7 to April 14, 2001. Organized by 
the Multimedia Department, IAF.01 will bring together a range of 
international and national multimedia works, including DVD, Digital Videos, 
Interactive CD-Rom, Instructional technology web sites, digital prints and 
Interactive Installations. The festival will present an international net 
art exhibit organized by Raul Ferrera-Balanquet and a series of panels with 
new media artists, curators and scholars.

The festival is sponsored by the African Server 
(, Visual Eyes, Maxon Computers, the Community 
Leader Association and the College of Art and Science at California Lutheran 


The era of the techno formalists may be over. Content has arrived to 
transform the scripts, the 0 and 1, the actions and the digital 
fragmentation. As in the past, those who have been excluded for the 
technologies are catching up to create distinctive multiple reflections of 
the present. Programming is subverted to create repetition that are now 
becoming new patterns. What is seems an endless cycle is now the 
transformation of a new paradigm. A simple click becomes the articulation of 
a definitive discourse. The artists invite the users from different ethnic 
groups to collaborate in the creation of new configurations. The pain of the 
exile remains with us, foreseen the nomadic existence of contemporary 
artists. The politic of traveling is not only the metaphor for the flow of 
data, but the constant struggle of people who after suffering the effect of 
globalization in their native land are forces to take the streets and the 
Internet to articulate their conditions.

As the urban Metropolis in the so called “first world” are changing faces, a 
more ethnically diverse mask, fears, pains and social conditions are 
entering the digital divide to accentuate the historical incongruence of 
this XXI Century. Women are alerting us of the danger of the mechanical 
reproduction and finds ergonomic ways to confront the technology expressing 
their deep concern for the globalization of labor.

This exhibit attempts to map new territories in contemporary new media art 
as well as the development of some of the artists for whom the digital has 
become a new form of expression.

I would like to thank Fons Geerlings from The African Serve and Carla Van 
Beers of for their contributions.

Raul Ferrera-Balanquet, MFA

Digital Videos by
Mark Spraggins(USA)-James Vela(USA)-Anjuli Hurt(USA)-Miguel Petchkovsky 
Morais (Mozambique)-Raul Ferrera-Balanquet

NetArtists List

The Church Software
Carlo Zanni [a.k.a. beta] (USA)

Anjali Arora (India)

Self Portrait in Vector
R. E. Hartanto (Indonesia)

Bad for your Health Wrong Color
Mustafa Maluka (Born in South Africa, lives in Amsterdam)

Brian Mackern (Uruguay)

Adriane Jenink (USA)

External Memory Access Device
Victor Martinez Diaz (Mexico)

The Flash Movies
Mauro Ceolin (Italy)

Collateral Assets  by
Deb King (USA)

Natalia Blanch (Mexico)

Frontera Sur
Raul Ferrera-Balanquet(Cuba/USA/Mexico)

Evolution of the Process
Justin Barkhuff and Gemma Anderson (USA)

Space// The Real, The Fantastic and The In-Between
LA based Latino Youth. Coordinated by Juan Devis (Colombia/USA)

El Exilio de Gradel
Adolfo SchneideWind (Argentina)

Raúl Ferrera-Balanquet, MFA

Executive Creative Director

Krosrods Media Project

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