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[Nettime-bold] April Anarchist Forum (NYC): Todd Gitlin, "Media Unlimited"

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339 Lafayette Street, Room 202
New York City, New York 10012

Media Unlimited
Todd Gitlin on How Media Overwhelm Our Lives
The April Anarchist Forum
For Immediate Release
Thursday, March 21, 2002

Contact: Bob Erler
roberterler@erols.com OR 212- 979- 8353

On Tuesday, April 9, at 7:30pm, the Libertarian Book Club's Anarchist
Forum welcomes Todd Gitlin giving a presentation on his new book
"Media Unlimited". Gitlin will discuss and document how we live in a
supersaturated mess of sounds and images directed at us by Big
Business and Big Government.  Invasion of our thoughts and emotions
are with us always: video games, elevator music, billboards, waiting
room TV, soundtrucks, the mobile phone, etc.  Gitlin, in addition to
his practical presentation, will give the whole a theoretical
underpinning by discussing the writings of such sociologists as Georg

Gitlin sees the unbridled media as working against the creation of the
opposite of global capitalism--what he calls "global civil society."
Today's overwhelming images and sounds have nothing to do with the
worldwide problems of disease, inequality, oppression, and
environmental poisoning.  In fact the noise works to the advantage of
the oligarchs.  Also, the media excesses show no sign of being
self-correcting or self-transforming.

Todd Gitlin is professor of culture, journalism, and sociology at New
York University. He has written many seminal books, including "Inside
Prime Time," "The Whole World is Watching," and "The Twilight of
Common Dreams."

After Gitlin's presentation, an open period of questions and
discussion will follow.

The event will take place at the Brecht Forum on the 10th floor of 122
West 27th St. [between 6th and 7th Aves.], a short walk from the 28th
St. 1, 2, N, and R stops, the 34th St. B, D, Q and W stop, and the
23rd St. F and V stop.

There is no set fee for the presentation, but a contribution to aid
the LBC is requested. If you have questions, contact the LBC
/Anarchist Forum, 212-979-8353, 339 Lafayette St., Room 202, NYC, NY
10012 or e-mail: roberterler@erols.com.

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