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[Nettime-bold] Interface - a festival of ideas

Hey there - Geert said I should send an announcement about Interface to this 
address, so here it is:


Interface 2002
A festival of ideas on Australia’s media, education, and democracy
20th-21st April, College of Fine Arts, Sydney

Interface has been created to bring together a diverse range of people to be 
challenged and inspired by new ideas, new alliances and new projects. This 
should be a unique event – a non-partisan conference exploring ideas from a 
diverse range of perspectives on the future of Australia’s media, education 
and democracy. 

Interface is a cross between a conference and a festival, with forums, 
panels, skills-based workshops, film screenings, and Slip~stitch - a cross-
campus competition of political artwork. All welcome. We mean all. We want to 
mix first years, activists, creative policy thinkers, politicians, jaded ex- 
politicians, journalists, artists, independent media makers, people who run 
commercial media, youth sector workers, postgrad students, people who work 
for local councils, bureaucrats, academics, culture jammers & advertising 
workers...and see what happens. 

We'll be covering a lot of issues in two days: anything from strategies for 
democratic renewal to sources of stereotyping in the media to practical 
workshops on media skills or project funding. We’re hoping that there will be 
a session to cater to every level of experience & interest, but also that no-
one will leave without having been challenged, confronted, and inspired. The 
full programme is available on our website: www.nexus.org.au 

Keynote speakers include: 

Kristy Delaney - Youth Action & Policy Association, Mark Davis - Author of 
Ganglands, Margo Kingston – journalist @ SMH, Tim Watts – Director of 
Ozprospect, Ted Mack - former independent MP, Kerry Nettle - Greens Senator 
elect, Clover Moore - Independent MP, Matt Roberts - Young People & Public 
Space Project in Western Sydney, Brian Murnane - Argyle Community Housing 
Network, Bob Ellis - Author & Journalist, Craig Reucassel – Editor at The 
Chaser, Van Badham – Author of The Dole Diaries, Marcus Westbury – Founder of 
This is Not Art festivals & the Octapod, Graham Young – Editor of 
onlineopinion.com.au. Darren Godwell - CEO Lumbu Indigenous Community 
Foundation, Kate Walsh – Aidwatch, James Their - Marketing manager at 
Australian Ethical Investment, Roslyn Dundas – ACT Democrats MP, John Tingle -
 NSW Shooters Party MLC, Ross Cameron - Liberal MP, Catherine Lumby – 
Journalist & Chair of media studies at Sydney University, Eva Cox UTS - 
author & academic, Fiona Stewart – CEO of notgoodenough.org and Ozprospect 
fellow, Lorna Clarkson - former K*grind employee, Maureen Cummuskey - 
Director, national Youth Media Awards, Gabrielle Kuiper - Independent Media 
Centre, & Neil Chenoweth - Author of Virtual Murdoch. More speakers to be 
announced online. 

To get involved, register to attend, check out the programme or get an 
application form for Slip~stitch, go to www.nexus.org.au

All inquiries about Interface can be directed to the coordinator, Miriam 
Lyons at miriam@nexus.org.au or 0402429314

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