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[Nettime-bold] (en) Occupied Palestine, Bullets against International observersand activists

       A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

At 3:00 p.m. Italian activists from the National Committee in support 
of Intifada and
from Indymedia Italia, French and Swiss from GIPP, and internationals 
from International
Solidarity Movement gathered in Bethlehem for a small demo directed 
to Beit Jala to
visit houses occupied by the Israeli army and to bring food and 
medicaments to the
Palestinian people. Around 100 people headed for Bethlehem, where the 
atmosphere was
really heavy and streets deserted.
Two buses of Action for Peace activists with a MP that were trying to 
come to the action
were stopped at the Bethlehem check point.
Following the sound of a clarinet and of hands clapping we moved to 
Beit Jala village.n
Stop the Occupation", "Sharon you will see Palestine will be free" 
the slogan chanted
while climbing up. We arrived at the point where two days ago we met 
the tanks and the
road was empty, there were only a few kids that started running 
toward us and joined the
march. We continued toward the houses with the snipers, in front of 
which we know the
tanks are stationed, to try to bring medicaments and food to the 
Palestinian families
isolated there.
At this point arrived a tank in front of us. In the gun-turret a 
soldier looked at us
coldly. He was cold as someone knowing what he has to do and that it 
is normal routine
in his life and he pointed at us the rifle. A contact group tried to 
negotiate, but
immediately started the first burst one meter from their foot. They 
weren't plastic
bullets. They were real bullets, they hurt: the first wounded were a 
journalist and an
Australian girl that was hit straight into the stomach. People didn't 
panic; they group
and try to send the negotiators forth again. Machine-gun burst gave 
no possible further
discussion. We started to drew back slowly to avoid panic and 
situations of more
dangerous chaos. Shots got more and more frequent and near, around 30 
of them. There
were shots hitting the road at 10 cm from a man ankle. There were 
shots hitting walls
and shots toward video cams and cameras. The tank moved forward. 
Most of the people
accelerated their walk while two rows drew back slowly. Soldiers 
continued to shoot
against us. Some of us remained blocked in a lateral alley behind a 
small gate, and
despite our claims we were obliged to let them escape into a house. 
The withdraw went on
for twenty slow minutes, the tank was following us at a distance of 
two meters. In a
little lateral road a cameraman and a journalist from the BBC try to 
take the car, but
soldiers didnmt agree and covered them with bursts under our 
powerless eyes, until they
decide, uninjured but terrorized, to go back with the group.
At last the tank stopped. A camera came out the trapdoor.
His arm came out; holding a cameraVthe soldiers took pictures of usV

At last we made our way back to Bethlehem.
We inquired about wounded: they're seven; one of them, the Australian 
girl, in the
operating room. The others have little hurts caused by splinters and 
pebble that have
been thrown here and there by the bullets.
We went back the center "IBDAA" in the camp to spread the communication.

  For us now the occupation is a more vivid reality. As for thousands of
Palestinians every day. As the war.
You can't just stay and look.

IMC Italy
April 01, Bethlehem Palestine

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