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[Nettime-bold] 'it brings my arrow of craving in me'

Jerusalem - Wm Blake by Babelfish trans. Eng>Japanese>Eng 

1 And did those feet in ancient time 
2 Walk upon England's mountains green? 
3 And was the holy Lamb of God 
4 On England's pleasant pastures seen? 

5 And did the Countenance Divine 
6 Shine forth upon our clouded hills? 
7 And was Jerusalem builded here 
8 Among these dark Satanic mills? 

9 Bring me my bow of burning gold: 
10 Bring me my arrows of desire: 
11 Bring me my spear: O clouds unfold! 
12 Bring me my chariot of fire. 

13 I will not cease from mental fight, 
14 Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand 
15 Till we have built Jerusalem 
16 In England's green and pleasant land. 

You walk 1 
ancient time 2 
those feet to green of the English mountain? is the holy lamb of God 4
 of the pasturage whose 3 
English feeling is good seen? 5
 expressions in order to shine in the hill which us clouds 6
 it forecasts? 7 
Jerusalem is 8 
between the plant where these of the builded Satanic are dark here? 9 
does bring my bow of the very hot gold in me do: 10 
it brings my arrow of craving in me, do: 11 
it brings my doing in me, do: You open the cloud of O! 12
 it brings my chariot of the fire in me, do. Until we made Jerusalem 16
 with the English green and the land whose feeling is good, 13
 I of my hand 15
 do not end from spiritual fight, sleep of 14 my swords. 



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