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[Nettime-bold] salloum video screening in nyc

(apologies for cross posting)

New York premiere  of Jayce Salloum's
"everything and nothing", 42 min., 2001
opening the Arab & Iranian Film Festival, 
6:00, Feb 22nd at the Cantor Film Center @ NYU,
36 East 8th St. at Univ. Pl., New York City
Subway: N, R to 8th St, 6 to Astor Place


videotape description:
"untitled part 1: everything and nothing"
Jayce Salloum, 42:00, France/Canada, 2001

An intimate dialogue weaving back and forth between
representations of a figure (of resistance) and subject,
with Soha Bechara, ex-Lebanese National Resistance fighter
in her Paris dorm room after release from captivity in El-Khiam
torture and interrogation centre (S. Lebanon) where she had
been detained for 10 years, 6 years in isolation.

"everything and nothing" has been screened at; MoneyNations2, Kunsthalle 
Exnergasse, Vienna; Ayam Bayrout al Cinemaiya, Beirut; Santa Monica Museum of 
Art; Arab Screen Independent Film Festival, Doha, Qatar; Artists Television 
Access/Arab Film Festival, San Francisco; Argos Film & Video Festival, 
Brussels; The World Wide Video Festival, Amsterdam; The Museum of 
Civilization, Hull, Québec; Biennale de l’image en Mouvement (Biennial of 
Moving Images), Geneva; and upcoming at YYZ, Toronto.

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