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Re: [Nettime-bold] vagueness, low science

>  here, the inhabitants are
> contaminated not by their own abstract isolation, but by a more
> down-to-earth worm-kind-of-thing which renders everyone into a sex
> maniac.  not to be missed.

..wiz kind ov stinky worm az in 'hidden' moviez, not to be missed too,
especially when the infected guy just bandage his wound with grey packing
adhesive and running amok in town, completly dumb except for saying 'i want
this car' when he see a ferrari. wiz ballard and all old good 'speculative'
fiction what was delicious it's always exist, inspite of all, a search of
human jubilatio even in the d!pest invasive tech. and 'the desir to die in
a car crash with elisabeth taylor', and only thinking how to do it, is a
perfect romantic litterary idea, wiz a middle age touch where only 'how to
reach heaven' was the good question and 'to be or not' was the badest among
all, except perhaps in adding 'in laz vegaz'. 'helo america' is not in that
sens an 'archeologie' or a 'deconstruction' (yuk!) ov american dream but a
kind of dante'sgamez, beside nixon iz alway alive in some vietnam like
jungle if my memoriez is good, jw bush must have his hell place zat is
keeping hot somewhere, stanley kubrick must already have his own, wonder the
fuck he does

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